Cupcakes Do Blush

Friday, January 29, 2010

Who says cupcakes don't blush? Well, they do at Blushing Cupcakes Cafe. I mean, not literally but it just so happened that they named it blushing cupcakes. The mini cakes/cupcakes looked adorable and comes in different flavors too. The concept is not new. This has been done by Red Velvet in the US and here in Manila the most popular of them all, Cupcakes by Sonja's in Serendra.

If someone is craving for cupcakes in the office, this is the closest we can get. A few minutes away from the office to get a cupcake fix.

It's not that bad and best of all cupcake prices are reasonable. Your P100+ can get you a box of 4 cupcakes (2 or worse just 1 piece if you will spend it at Sonja's).

clockwise: white frosted choco, banana, chocolate glaze and blueberry

Aside from cupcakes, they also offer coffee, pasta and sandwiches.

I haven't tried those yet. As for the cupcakes I'm not sure what my fave flavors are. I still have to try them all to know which one I like best.

Anyone here who's into blushing cupcakes? Would you mind sharing your fave?

You may visit their website at

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