Meet 'The Reyes' Part 1

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tapioca already met my parents last year and now it's time for me to meet his parents. I can only meet one parent at a time since Tapioca's parents are separated. His dad is living in Isabela while his mom is in Singapore. I don't know what to expect or what to feel but I'm pretty much excited to meet his father and relatives in Isabela.

It's going to be an 8-hour bumpy bus ride from Manila to Isabela. After a year of travel abstinence, I'm back on the road again. Yay! We took the last trip bus going to Isabela at Victory Liner in Cubao. Each ticket cost Php444.

We slept the entire time on the bus. When we wake up the following day it was raining hard. Perfect weather for a vacation.

Good thing when we arrived in Alicia the rain already stopped. His dad picked us up from the main road and showed us his new house which was still under construction but livable. This is where we stayed.

This is Beaver. This dog likes me a lot. He always wanted to be near me all the time even when we sleep, he stayed at our room. He's such a friendly dog and I like him, too. Someday Tapioca and I will have our very own dog and of course a cat. I'm still a cat person, ya know.

On our second day, Tapioca and I attended the opening of a new tennis court in Alicia. Did I mention Tapioca loves to play tennis? In fact he used to be a varsity player back in his college days. When he heard the news of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new tennis court, he giddily prepared his outfits and tennis racket which has been in the storage room like forever.

. . . dedication

the members . . .

And here is Tapioca in action . . .

hit that ball, baby . . .

. . . one more time

And here's his Dad who just passed by the court, who can't help but play tennis as well.

We spent the entire day at the tennis court. That explained how Tapioca missed playing tennis so much. Anyway, there's nothing much to do in Alicia. It's just a small town where everyone knows everyone. We planned to go to Banaue because it's just a few hours away from Alicia but they were busy and no one can accompany us to get there.

Next post are the food and a mini field trip at a farm.

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