Hanson's Back with a New Album and a New Single.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hanson's back in town to promote the new song and I missed it. Darn. Thank God it was just a dream. Who would have thought there is even more frightening dream than getting your self drown or fall. Or how about running away from something or someone endlessly without knowing where you're going? Or what about an appearance of scary animals like snakes, haunted houses, monsters? Or even dead people? Or even more more scary, death. Okay, I'm so overreacting here. Death is probably the most scary nightmare in my opinion but I never thought missing a Hanson gig can be really tormenting.

One night, I dreamt that Hanson was back in town to promote their new album and they went on a mall tour and I missed it. And to make matters worse, in my dream it was like I didn't care at all. I woke up and realized it was all just a dream. I was somewhat relieve but I felt bad for myself for not caring at all. How can I not care? That's so totally not me. I can never image myself forgetting a Hanson gig so easily, especially in my own country? Never. Not in my wildest dreams. Ever. Just the thought of it makes me mad.

Oh well, dreams are suppose to be crazy and weird. And I always get this dreams at the sleeping quarters of our office. I always pray, like pray hard(er) but it seems like there's no shield for nightmares in that room.

Putting the bad stuffs aside, good news is hanson does have a new album with a new single and music video! I have learned this before the nightmare happened. Thanks to Yahoo news for the heads up.

. . . The album Cover. Me likey :-)

And an awesome music video! Omg, dancing on their music video? Coolness!

ike and zac dancing while taylor playing the piano on the background, and some random guy dancing too.

Now they're dancing with taylor and the rest of the crowd. This scene was taken at Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hanson's hometown.

Oh come on, Taylor. Why do you always have to show off that fugly ring? Everytime i see that, it pisses me off. Until now I still hate that ring. (Bitter lang!)

I love the video, the dancing and I love the guys but the music? So old school, not a lot of people buy this sort of music anymore but since I'm a fan I'm definitely going to get my own copy. I just love those guys and missed them so much.

I ♥ H A N S O N F O R E V E R ! ! ! !

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