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Monday, May 24, 2010

If there's one party I never fail to attend in the office, that's none other than the Sony party. This year's theme: Movies. At first,we decided to come as we are cos ya know, mukha naman kaming mga artistahin. Just like those extras (part of the crowd, some random gals-guys,unknown citizens) you see in the movies.

And then, five days before the party, Tapioca got a message from our boss saying that he'll be hosting . . . again. Last year he hosted the party, we all thought he did a bad job. Obviously we're shocked they chose him again.

You guys might ask what did he do last year. His hosting was bad in a sense that he rarely speaks up and when he did we can hardly hear or understand what he was saying. It's like he's eating his words. I do and still love my Tapioca despite all that. Probably our boss thought Tapioca have learned his lesson from the experience and might deliver a better job this time. Oh well, that was what I thought as I write this post and as his girl, I should be more supportive. And I would hate to see him on stage as some random guy in a movie so we thought of wearing a costume that we can come up in a short span of time and won't bore a hole in our pockets.

He thought of going to the party as one of the characters in the movie Godfather by wearing a suit/tux and a hat. But renting a suit would cost us and we might have a hard time looking for one that would fit him. Then came another idea. Him as Bruce Lee and me as his leading lady. We're going as Chinese couple. Great idea. We can just buy fabrics and have my mother sew then into traditional Chinese outfits. My mother is a whiz in rush sewing jobs. Did you know she made my prom dresses on the day of my prom? And my graduation dresses on the same day of the ceremony? Yes she did. And she did our costumes in less than 2 days!

And here we are on our Chinese outfits. We got the design over the internet.

So that was Tapioca in Chinese clothing. He was supposed to be Bruce Lee who forgot to exercise that's why he gained weight. And I'm his leading lady. But everybody else thought he was dressed as Kung Fu Panda. LOL!

Click here to view more pics from the party.

It was a great party with lots of free booze and food. A great time to chill out, have fun and socialize with co-workers. I'm now on my 4th year in this company and I can say a lot of things has changed over the years. Each year is different than the previous ones. Old friends go and new ones come along. What's important is I'm still happy with my job and I can see myself staying here for as long as they need my service. I'm just forever grateful to this company who believe that I can have a career in call center industry.

Thank you and more power. May God Bless Us All.

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