McKinley Hill And Alexandre's Croissant

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Been hearing a lot lately of a gondola in Manila, just like the one in Venice and Macao. And I was like "What? You Sure? Is that for real?" One day, decided to check it out myself since I always pass by McKinley Hill.

So much of the talk about gondola, to my dismay it's still under construction. But anyway, I had a bit fun on my trip. It was a long walk but pretty much enjoyable because of the nice sights. Classy designs and constructions of buildings/condominium full of lushy greens which lessen the polution in the area. How I wish I could afford to live in a place like here.

Tired from walking and also a bit disappointed from not being able to see the gondola, I hired a taxi which brought me to The Fort. Then I saw another classy looking store called Alexandre. I told the taxi driver to drop me there and as I went inside the store I've learnt it was a bakery cafe selling mostly of croissants in different variety. Tapioca loves croissants and he always orders this at Starbucks. I got interested and bought 2 pieces of almond and butter croissants.

. . . Nicey packaging, isn't it?

Once I got home, we tried them right away. Tapioca said they're okay, nothing special. As for me, I like the butter croissant. It's flaky on the outside but pillowy soft inside and the butter was very distinct. I just love anything with butter :-) . The almond croissant on the other hand was kinda tough. It's strange cos I got these early in the morning and I believe the croissants are freshly baked. I am no bread expert here so not sure why it's tough unlike the butter croissant. Or maybe it's just the way it's suppose to be. Any croissant experts who could shed some light?

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