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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thirdy’s Mom had been telling me how she would like to cook almondigas for her family. And I thought I would love try that too. Being a soup person that I am, I did not hesitate and went to check Connie’s website (my ever reliable for the almondigas recipe.

I listed up all the ingredients on my notepad then Tapioca and I headed to the supermarket. When we got home, we started preparing all the things we needed. But wait, we are not ready to cook yet. From preparation we kept on arguing how things are gonna be done like chopping up all the veggies, setting the meat balls, etc. First, he didn’t want to wash the ground pork because he thought we wouldn’t be able to shape them into balls. But I washed them anyway and still we managed to shape them into balls. Then I added lots of water into the pot. He was not sure about it because we just bought a small pack of tomato paste and he thought that will make the soup diluted. Then the vermicelli noodles. I just wanted to add enough noodles because it will suck out all the water. But he thought otherwise and kept on telling me to put the entire pack of noodles, and it's a huge pack by the way, into the pot. And I did. I threw all the vermicelli noodles into the pot and soon enough all the water was gone. And the end result was a disaster. I'm sorry but I'm not gonna put pictures of the end result. We learned our lesson. We have different cooking techniques and beliefs. Anyhow, there’s always a next time.

See those meal balls on the photo? They looked adorable, noh? and it sparked some ideas on Tapioca. Will post that idea next time.

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