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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jellybean was craving for kare-kare and Tapioca was craving for fried chicken. Well actually he was curious about Max’s fried chicken because Daddy Fred and I were raving so much about it. Finally, the opportunity came after he accompanied me to my dentist for checkup. Thank God it was not time to adjust my braces yet. We headed straight to Max’s Gateway Mall for brunch.

. . . butter and rolls

To start off, Tapioca ordered some rolls with butter. For Php25, it was so not worth it. The rolls were not fresh. It would have been appreciated if it was heated at least.

mushroom soup . . .

While I had the mushroom soup. Tasted like Campbell's.

. . . spring chicken half order

Tapioca said it was the saddest chicken he had ever seen. I told him try it first before making another comment. He tried it but he can’t get over the fact that it was sooo small. Oh well spring chicken is supposed to be smaller than the regular chicken, right?

kare-kare . . .

I loved it! Good enough to knock down my cravings.

Peanut sauce slathered on steamed rice, yum yum!

Based on Tapioca’s reaction on the chicken, I don’t think we would be back anytime soon.

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