Sick Tapioca at Pancake House

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alright, so I thought Tapioca was just making excuses so he can’t go to work but truth is he's really sick. We went to the nearest hospital so he can have himself checked. And that’s at World Citi Medical Center. Their Medicard assistance sucks so we transferred to the most reliable hospital (this is just my opinion) which is Medical City. We got there at lunch time and the doctor’s secretary told us to come back after an hour. Since it's already lunch time and we have not eaten yet we decided to have brunch at Pancake House.

Whenever I’m at the hospital my appetite always seems to go down. I was hungry then but not sure what I wanted to eat. I had Tapioca order for me instead. For starter we got the almondigas soup. We both agree that this was waaay better than the one we made at home (remember this?). LOL.

. . . almondigas

The following food pics were Tapioca’s order:

chicken cordon bleu . . .

Tapioca did not like it. He said those pre-cooked cordon bleu at the supermarket tastes even better. I tried this too and it’s just okay.

. . . chicken carbonara

I had one bite and I though I should have had this instead of the omelet. It’s good.

cheese omelet . . .

He ordered cheese omelet for me. The egg was overcooked as you can see on the photo. Oh well, for me that's an overcooked egg. Sorry but I am very meticulous with the way my eggs are cooked. Even with my growling stomach I hardly finished this dish. Not because the egg was overcooked nor the dish was terrible, it’s just that I don’t feel like eating at hospital premises. It’s like there’s something wrong with my taste buds which I really can’t explain. I always love Pancake House but not at Medical city. Again, it’s hard to explain.

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