Party at Blue Onion

Monday, July 4, 2011

Whenever Tapioca and I had breakfast in Eastwood we always pass by this cozy looking place called Blue Onion. Been very curious about it. From the outside it look so posh with it's white facade and the unusual door frame design , kinda like the soh-shal people go to for parties. I always wonder what it looks like inside. Never had the chance to get in because they are close in the morning. Also I'm not even sure if they even accept walk-ins. So imagine my excitement when I found out we are having our annual kick off party there.

. . . big smile, di maciado excited

May 29, 2011 at the Blue Onion Bar & Restaurant. Party theme: Back to the 90's. "The" most creative theme ever. It's simply putting it this way: come as you are, no need to make effort pa finding a costume. I was like "why bother suggesting a theme?". But ya know I still give them, the party organizers, some consideration knowing that they probably exert all their efforts and rack their brains off just to come up with this theme, right?

Anywayz, let's move on and talk about the event. Just to let you know there's about over a hundred people from our office but not all of them attended the party. But still the place was jam-packed! All seats taken, all the alleys, corners and nooks are occupied, you get the picture. That's because Blue Onion had a limited space. I bet if everybody did come we will all be partying outside the venue hahaha!!! Well, the party wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. There's no usual party programme to entertain you so the only thing we were looking forward to: the raffle draws.

finally found an empty booth, kodakan time. . .

. . . more people joined us in the booth, now we're a crowd!!!

No food pic, sorry. I'm not sure who catered the food but when we checked out the buffet nothing hit our fancy. The food didn't look appetizing. Thank God we had dinner before going there. Had a couple of booze and picture taking here and there and when the grand prize for the raffle was announced, we called it a night. By the way, we did not win anything :-( but my friend Divi, she won a Sony Walkman!

. . . the lucky girl with my TL GF

And when our stomach finally digested our dinner, we felt the pang of hunger. Good thing Stackers Burger Cafe was right next to Blue Onion so off we go to get some belly satisfaction.

Tapioca had the double cheese burger . . .

. . . check out that melting cheese, baby!

with fries . . .

While I had the burger on a salad bowl. I always order the BBQ burger bowl to go but when I saw the new burger bowl flavor, I just have to try it. Here's the Caesar Burger Bowl.

just a-okay . . .

Still I prefer the BBQ, though.

To see more pics from the party, click here.

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