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Friday, April 6, 2012

Last week I was on a high after meeting my beloved band (of all time) and watched their awesome concert in Araneta. Thought I'd never get over it and my world will never return back to normal. Guess what? I'm over it and I'm still living my life. But I find it too painful to write about the experience. Don't get me wrong. I had fun. So much fun it hurts. LOL. Last time I told my self to document everything that happened (like every single detail as far as my head can remember) since I was not blogging yet when they first came here in Manila. I didn't realize this was going to be tough. I salute those people who can find all the rights words and put them all together nicely. Obviously, I'm just a blogger not a writer. On this note, I'm lost . . . . lost for words.

I'm not going to torture myself to come up with the right words to describe what happened that day. The day I met Hanson again. I will keep it simple and let the pictures help me remember. Some dodgy photos coming right up. Oh, I must say it's not that much of a dodgy. I have to hand it to my camera's impressive zooming capability.

Here's the kwento. On my last day at work (right before my VL) I was very anxious to get home and get some sleep so I'll have energy for the meet and greet/autograph signing happening that afternoon. I really regretted getting just a two days off work. When I got home I tried with all my might to fall asleep but failed. I was glued on my netbook trying to get more info about the Hanson tour. At around 10am I got a text message from my fanson friend Ariane and told me to go to SM North asap. I was like I haven't slept yet. I was thinking of going there at 2-3pm just enough time before the event. I got another text message from her saying we did not get any reservations so we have to bring our asses off, fall in line, made sure we get through the cut and have our CD's signed. I was pissed off. Very very much.  I never hated our club like this. Ever. Later on I found out that some of the club members (myself included) where ditched by the club prez and left us hanging without any info on what's going on and the whereabouts of Hanson. All info was kept within the circle of those club members who went to the airport the following night. So much for organization and coordination. Upon learning this I hurried off to SM.

Based on my experience, autograph signing with international acts were always a first come first serve basis. They do cut the lines without warning if they really have to. This has happened to me before. Not once but twice and I didn't want that to happen again not with Hanson.

I got there at quarter to one in the afternoon. There was already a line. My number was at 100++. Sorry I forgot the exact figures but you bet I'm disappointed as hell. If I only knew we did not get any reservations I could have gone straight to SM before they even opened.

with Angela and Ariane

Thank God I listened to my friends to go there early or else I'll be camping outside. These chairs did help ease the burden and torture of waiting. Hanson tweeted that they will be late due to heavy traffic. Imagine they held the press con in Edsa Shangri La tapos autograph signing sa SM North? Why didn't somebody or anybody  think of having this event in Megamall instead. Mas malapit sa Shang. Oh well.

Testing my camera's zoom capability - Check! 

No Hanson yet.

Finally, they arrived. They're two hours late. I totally forgot I still haven't slept for 22 hours already.

 Hooray! Can I get a glimpse of Taylor, please?

Yay. But I think I wanted a little bit closer . . . 

Now you can see Ike and Tay's faces. Much better. Oh no, I forgot to include Zac! 

There ya go. He was so freakin' gorgeous!
Lemme take another shot while there's nobody blocking my view.

Hotness. I want a close up picture, please?
The picture of Zac in the background was way clearer but this was the best that I can do.

Trying to zoom in on Ike.

Darn those peeps blocking the guys. Gotta be patient and wait for my turn.

Ooh, there's Ike again

Gotcha Taylor! I needed a better shot. 

A little more patience, good timing and I'll be able to get  a better picture of you, hmp.

Hah TAYLOR! Na-timingan din kita. Bwahahahaha! 
Too bad my flash can't reach him but nothing that can't be fix by a photo-editing software. 
Here lemme show you . . .

A little grainy but pwede na dibah? Am I good or what?
(Magbuhat daw ba ng sariling bangko *wink*wink*)
Kung may close up pics sina Tay and Zac, cyempre dapat meron din si Ike

Nice. Galing ko talaga. (Tsamba!) Harkhark! 

Yay. It's Taylor again. 

Swerte ko talaga. I got him again! 
Isn't it obvious puro si Taylor ang target ko LOL!

I am . . . 

. . . getting closer to 

the stage . . . 

. . . a glimpse of Tay again ^___^ 

It's Taylor again. I can now see the table. I am almost there! 

OMG, just a few more steps and I will get to meet them, shake hands with the guys and have my CD signed!

That was Angela, the girl in ponytail. I was next after her. While waiting for my turn the event's organizer allowed me to take pictures. Man I was shaking so bad from all the excitement like it's my first time to meet them. They told me once I go up to the guys I have to shut my camera off. So there goes my shaky hands taking blurry pictures after blurry pictures. I should have taken videos na lang sana tsk tsk.

pa-blurry ng . . . 

. . . pa-blurry, di na makita features ng face ni Tay-tay

One last shot of Tay and . . . 

. . . Ike before I went down the stage

Ike again
And it's bye bye time. See ya at the concert! 

Before the autograph signing session started, the emcee already told us to prepare the item we would like to be signed. As per Astroplus' rules, we can only have one item signed and it has to be anything from the CDs and DVDs being sold from their store. The emcee kept on saying these over and over. We all wanted for him to shut up na so Hanson can start signing our stuff. Now let me show you this really nice DVD insert that I so wanted to get signed . . .

astig noh? it even had a huge Hanson logo in the middle

Zac's signature . . . 

Silly me got so caught up in the moment I didn't realize I gave Zac the wrong side of the insert but Zac who had no idea signed it anyway. When Zac handed the insert to Taylor, I saw the look of confusion on Tay's eyes. He was prolly thinking (this is just my wild guess, okay) where the heck am I suppose to sign on this? It prolly took him a few seconds before diving the pen on some random part of the insert. When he was about to sign that page that's how it hit on me. I told Taylor "Nooooo, I'm sorry I handed you guys the wrong side. " I panicked and ended up getting the other side of the insert (still the wrong side!!! I should have listened to the emcee). Still lucky me, Zac heard my predicament and both him and Taylor were able to signed this . . .

After signing my stuff Taylor and I had a little chit chat. He was very nice and sweet and complimented me for choosing the pic above. Grabe it was "the moment". I wanted to stay there forever and have more chicka moments with Taylor hahaha! That small conversation warmed my heart and I felt like I'm melting. He said the photo above was one of his favorites and it was a great choice. I was like 'kung alam mo lang Taylor hindi yan ang first choice ko. Nataranta lang ako kaya yan yung pinapirmahan ko' LOLz!!!! But cyempre di yan ang sinabi ko. Umagree na lang ako and I told him I'm going to have it framed para souvenir for this meet and greet (in English, of course!). And then we shook hands. Grabe ang lambot-lambot ng kamay. I didn't want to let go and move on to Ike. But then again kailangan kumpleto silang lahat nakapirma. I went home very very happy and very very tired. I immediately look for the bed and sleep the night away. Still I have a few more things to do before the concert. Finally this post is about to end. For the record this post is the most A for effort of them all. Too many pictures and too many words and it took quite a long time for this to be posted.

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