Hanson's Shout It Out Tour Manila - The Concert

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March 30, 2012. Smart Araneta Coliseum. The night I have been waiting for. Though I already secured a good seat I still went to Araneta early. That's how excited I was.

. . . view from my seat

The four rows in front of me. And I'm next to the aisle. Will go for that metal barricade when the show started hahaha.

POHFC VP Nowie, Jellybean and my new found fanson friend Ched 

Just like me, Ched bought a single ticket and was also surprise when he found out front row seats were all taken on the very first day of releasing the tickets.

Robin Nievara, son of Martin Nievera opened the show

After a couple of his songs we waited for another 30 minutes before Hanson went on stage. For sure Hanson time = Filipino time. When Hanson came out all of us went gaga and started rushing towards the barricade (as what I expected). They started out the show with Waiting For This from the Shout It Out album. I think the song was very appropriate. Here' s the video on how chaotic we were.

 Warning:  Very shaky. Might cause some headaches.

It was very hard to take videos with all those arms raised and everyone trying to get a better shot. Also everyone was screaming so loud I was unable to understand them whenever they try to say something or introduce the next song. Sharing the still photos . . .

. . . Isaac

♥  Taylor  ♥

Zachary . . .

. . .  Zac again

Taylor in a super duper tight fitting jeans (eeeekkkk bakat teh!!!)

The next song was Where's The Love from their album Middle of Nowhere.

Followed by Thinkin' Bout Something from Shout It Out.

They played another thinking song which was Thinking of You from Middle of Nowhere.

Isaac rocked on with A Minute Without You, one of my favorite songs from Middle of Nowhere.

Taylor on the piano with Crazy Beautiful. Not really crazy about the song. How I wish they picked a different song instead.

Next was the upbeat Can't Stop from This Time Around.

On the 2nd half of the concert, Hanson performed songs in acoustic. In my opinion this was the best part of the show. Kung pwede nga lang the entire show will be in acoustic. Yan ang forte ng Hanson. First song was Strong Enough to Break from Underneath (another fave song). Let me share the video para mas maganda at ma-appreciate ang kanta. The video is still shaky with lots of screaming and shouting but lesser arms. In fairness this video is much better than the first one (IMO).

More of the still photos:

Zac and Taylor . . .

Deeper with Isaac and Taylor. Love this song. I'm glad they played this in acoustic.

Zac leading the song Wish That I Was There from This Time Around. Such a sad song.

Taylor was todo emote on his part of the song :-)

Can it even get sadder with A Song To Sing (from This Time Around as well)? At this point I felt like crying already. But of course I did not. Instead I just stood there and forgot about my camera let alone take pictures/videos. I didn't even sing along. I just stood there, stare at them and listen intently to the song.

Their harmony never fails. It's L-O-V-E !!!

Zac went back to his drums and Ike with his electric guitar. They got the crowds to sing along with them to  With You In Your Dreams from Middle of Nowhere. That's the last sad song from them. Then it was followed by a more up beat song This Time Around from the same title album.

And followed by And I Waited, my least favorite song from the Shout it Out album.

Then Hanson went for the head bopping Penny and Me from Underneath and another fave song from Shout It Out album which was Give A Little. At this point everyone was up on their feet dancing and singing along with the guys.

At cyempre mawawala ba ang Mmmbop? Hindeeeee!!!

super adorable zac - mukhang inosente lang


 The dancing continued with Lost Without Each Other from Underneath - I likey likey this song. I can listen to it in repeat mode forever without getting tired of it *exag*. Sooooo happy they sang this. Yay! 

And this was followed by If Only from This Time Around. Taylor was encouraging everyone to jump jump jump!

Hanson left the stage and they turned the lights low. Everyone was screaming we want more. we want more. We were chanting like that for more than 2 minutes or longer (I guess). Walang kapagurang 'we want more!!!', pramis. Some people started to think that they weren't going to come back and that was the last song but surprise, surprise they came back to sing In The City from This Time Around. What a perfect song to end the show. Lurved it. Good thing I was able to record it.

Everytime Taylor say the line "Do you love me?" all of us were screaming "yeah!" back to him. It was so funny. That was the last song and the guys took their bows and bid us farewell. But before they left Taylor said they promise to be back if we fans promise we're going back to watch their show. This was followed by an echoing yes from the happy crowd. The entire show took almost 2 hours (bitin) but I got my money's worth. Totally. Hanson forever!!!! Oh yeah!!!!!

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