Nursing My Hanson Blues

Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm still feeling lazy to blog. Nah, just wanted to savor the moment. I never thought this would ever happen again. I thought I'm gonna need to fly all the way to the US just to see them again.  It happened and it happened so fast. Everything was so surreal. Before I knew it the show was over and we have to bid them farewell.

I have to hand it to the promoter of the Hanson concert, Dayly Entertainment. They did a great job. I think Hanson was impress. Same goes to the autograph signing event in SM North. I can tell they were happy to be back. Yeah, they're not in the mainstream anymore but I guess it surprised them that this 3rd world country still loves them. I was also amaze that there were even younger fans present. I was like how old were these kids when Hanson came out in 1997? Five, six, seven years old? I thought these kids belongs to the Kpop generation or the Miley Cyrus blah blah. You bet I'm impress as much as Hanson did.

I was so happy and thankful they decided to come back and of all the countries in Asia they chose our country. We felt so honored for the opportunity. And the Philippine fans did not disappoint. Until next time my beloved Hanson. I will still be here waiting patiently for the next album and the next tour. Or maybe, just maybe I might be the one to visit your hometown. *wishful thinking*

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