The Marketplace At Eastwood City

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eastwood City had a taste of the night food market thru The Marketplace. It's like the famous Banchetto where new food entrepreneur showcase their products all in one place. We were able to try most of the stalls but unforch not all of them are included on this post. Some of the stalls I forgot if they have names or not.

. . . chicaco white deep dish pizza 

 Huge pizza for a hundred bucks. Crust too thick, toppings forgettable.

the patties of monster burger . . .

This was one of the popular stall in the Marketplace. The patties were thick therefore longer cooking time. Gotta have patience while waiting for it to be cooked. Tapioca noticed that the staff was poking the burger patties while cooking it. That's definitely a no no as this will release the juices from the burger making it dry. He had to keep an eye on his burger to make sure they won't poke it like the rest of them :-)

. . . the challenge

Tapioca was contemplating if he should join this challenge. In the end he decided not to. No pressure and more time to enjoy his meal.

. . . burgers are ready to be dressed-up

 After trying out the burger he found it was just okay. We had better burger than this.

chef resty's roast beef . . .

This was quite a steal. Cheap roast beef but the quality was not compromise. It was very tasty even without the gravy. The meat was so tender and juicy. We paired it with ciabatta bread and made a roast beef sandwich. Even the bread was good. This was our favorite.

mini cakes . . .

We bought the mini blueberry cheesecake from this stall and we got robbed. The cake was devoid of cheese. It's too flour-y to be called a cheesecake. Too bad I forgot the name of the stall (if there's any).

more cakes . . .

There were several cake sellers and we moved on to this one. We got the red velvet and the smores cake. The red velvet was dry (at least it's price reasonable) but tolerable. Best to pair it with coffee or tea to counterbalance the dryness. The smores on the other hand was pretty acceptable.

The Marketplace opens from Mondays-Fridays between 11pm to 9am. It ran for a few months and then people get tired of it and some of the stalls started to dwindle.  Aside from the Marketplace there are other night market that still operates all over the city. You just have to check the schedule as most of them are open during the weekends. I'm actually interested in going to the Mercanto night market as I heard great reviews from other blogs.

How about you, have you tried any of these night market in Manila?

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