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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Had breakfast at Bigoli in Eastwood. Formerly, the Fazoli restaurant. Same exact place, same exact menu with a new name. We ordered their budget friendly set meal good for 2. The set meal includes the following:

. . . bread sticks

One stick for both of us. It was yummy! Wish there was more.

garden fresh salad . . . 
. . . 2 small pieces of italian chicken and a big slice of cheese pizza

The chicken was tasty except the meat was on the dry side. The pizza slice was big and I'm big with plain cheese pizza so it worked for me. I actually had most of it.

meat sauce spaghetti . . .

Now this was Tapioca's kind of spaghetti. Italian style (read: sour). I like my spaghetti a little sweet, Filipino style. I had the pizza and he had the pasta. Fair deal.

. . . minestrone soup

I love soup especially when it's piping hot. Though I'm partial to creamy or clear soups this was fine by me. The chunky parts on the other hand went to Tapioca to finish.

turtle cheesecake . . .

Tapioca surprised me with this cheesecake. I was so giddy when I saw it served on our table. It looked so yummy however it was too sweet for my palate.

I loved Bigoli's unlimited soda. They have a soda station where you can dispense any soda of your choice. The only downside of trying different soda is you get full easily. But still it's great value for your money.

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