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Monday, October 8, 2012

A week before our wedding. I got sick. Really, really sick. And it's the kind of sickness I didn't want to go through ever again.

First, it was UTI. It's been a long time since I had UTI but this was prolly the worst of them all. There was blood in my urine and there's an excruciating pain every time I pee.

Jobless that I am, I didn't have any health cards. Times like this made me appreciate having a health card. I knew all along that all I needed is some antibiotics. But without prescription, no drugstores would sell it to me. I went to the nearest clinic in our area and got my self check and got the prescriptions I needed. The OBgyne gave me antibiotics, some pain killers and Buscopan? I was like why do I have to take Buscopan? Well, she's the doctor and she knew better so I took all the meds.

After a day of taking the meds, I have the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I can't sleep, I feel bloated, irritated and then I started vomiting. I can't eat. I lost my appetite. Whatever I took in the mouth I threw up. Then I'm always having this sour taste in my mouth. I thought it was the medicine the doctor gave me . I have doubts specifically that Buscopan meds.

Now, Tapioca was very less sympathetic of my condition or maybe it's just me who felt that way. I was always irritated. I am sick. Sick in the head, sick in the tummy, sick all over. Tapioca and I had fight. Our biggest fight ever. It even led to the point where I broke up with him and called the wedding off. It was so bad. But my guy, my very very very patient guy, he just wouldn't and couldn't let me go.

I'm thankful he didn't take everything I said seriously. I was crazy. I was mad. I was insane. I was totally out of my mind. I'm not sure but is this normal for any women who's going to get married soon? I really don't know. But one thing's for sure and I knew it from the very start. I wanted to marry this guy and spend the rest of my life with him. It's just that my mind was clouded with emotions caused by all the stress of this sickness.

Anyway, after all the drama. I went back to the doctor and explained my conditions to her. Apparently, aside from UTI, I had hyper-acidity which causes all the gas, bloated feeling, irritation, et al. I swear, hyper-acidity is every foodie's worst nightmare. I can't pig out. I can't drink Coke. Even if I'm eating something I really really like, my appetite vanishes out of thin air. And that sour taste in my mouth isn't helping. It sucks ya know cause I'm so looking forward to the food on our wedding reception.

Did I just tell you we're getting married? Like really, really soon? Hell yeah. I know I'm not myself right now but I'm absolutely, definitely sure about it. 101% Sureness. Wala ng bawian. Cross my heart. Hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. The search is over for Mr. Right. Exclamation point. Period. End.

Anyway, going back to my dilemma, I did made some research about hyper-acidity as I don't want this in my system ever again. Reconsider changing my diet make sense and going vegan (again) do sounds right. Or maybe not. Will think about it after the wedding.

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