Our Wedding

Monday, October 22, 2012

The day before the wedding, we did our last minute shopping and went home late. We woke up late also but felt better because we're well rested. We felt  more relaxed. Everything has been set up. We have plenty of time to get ready before the ceremony. No rush. No worries. Or so I thought.

It was raining in the morning. Blessing daw yun. By noon, the sun started to shine and said hello. Tapioca headed to the barber shop for a haircut while I went to the newly opened nail salon in Daily to get a mani-pedi. It took forever for my nails to get done. Our call time is at 4:30pm. It was pass 4pm and I'm still at the salon. When I got home, I immediately put on my dress, (wala ng laba-laba), put my kikay kit and shoes in a bag and we hurried to Alba. Since it was rush hour, traffic was bad. I did my hair & make up inside the cab. We arrived at 4:40pm. Pinoy time!

See, I told you, relax na relax lang kami :-)

. . . saying the pledge

Tapioca stating his vow . . .

Tapioca never believe in marriage (but it's funny he proposed to me, though). Being together for two years, I thought our relationship was better than ever and that marriage is nothing but a piece of paper. But now it all made sense. While Tapioca was saying his vow, I finally realized why couple needs to get married. As Tapioca was saying his vow in front of everybody, I felt like crying. I mean, this is it! We're finally getting married! Every word felt like it's being carved in my mind, heart, body and soul. I really wanted to cry and cry hard. I couldn't shake off the reality happening right in front of me. The emotions were all there. I was overwhelmed, overjoyed, flabbergasted, blown away - unbelievable & indescribable. I wanna sing 'A Whole New World'! Seriously speaking, there are no words to describe the feeling hearing you're other half's pledge of love. I tried all my might to fight the tears. Surprisingly, I won.

. . . put a ring on it - single lady no more!

oops, it won't fit . . .

In two months time, Tapioca gained more weight. The ring did not fit. Everyone was laughing. Blooper!

. . .  the parents and the witnesses' turn

the kiss . . .

Sorry, the photographer missed it. Since our wedding was a family affair, we hired no professional photographer. The relatives took the post. Our camera was not so friendly to strangers therefore the blurry photos. This is one thing we regret. Somehow, we're still glad we got some decent photos. We also didn't have ninongs and ninangs (to the dismay of the wedding officiator and the parents). We had Kuya Noli & Mommy Oz as witnesses.

. . . Tapioca signing the contract

Jellybean's turn . . .

. . . the wedding officiator's turn

And now I'm officially Mrs. Tapioca!

with our parents . . .

Here's a nicer photo of the wedding bands . . .

. . . his & her

and of course, the engagement ring . . . my precious!

. . . the mariachi for our entertainment

Pwede mag-request kahit anong song, they will play it :-)

The guests enjoyed the buffet spread. They had seconds, thirds, fourths, err let's just say they loved it. Superb. Alba did not disappoint. They're now our favorite Spanish restaurant. Highly recommended!

The Appetizers:

breads, crackers, butter, assorted spread and pâté, cold cuts and ceviche . . .

. . . salad greens

mussels, mushrooms and chicken croquettes . . .

The Main Dishes:

. . . two kinds of paella

creamy vegetables & bolognese . . .

. . . roasted chicken & breaded fish fillet

callos & embotido . . .

. . . cochinillo asado & roast beef - the highlights of dinner


fruit salad, lemon squares and creme caramel . . .

. . . canonigo - my favorite

the family photo . . . blurry pa rin hahahaha!

Dinner at Alba starts at 6pm but we asked if we can go as early as 4:30 for the wedding ceremony. We're thankful Alba and it's management accommodated our request. They even started the buffet at 5pm. It felt like we rented the entire restaurant for the event. Thank you Alba for making our wedding day really special!

To all our friends who sent us their greetings and best wishes - thank you! We hope in the future, you'll be able to join us to another wedding (vow renewal maybe?).

Glenn Encinares  – (March 10, 2013 at 4:38 PM)  

wow binabasa ko pa lang naiiyak na ako...sa inggit he!he!he! Congrats Ana ^_^

PuccangGala  – (March 10, 2013 at 8:06 PM)  

wow nmn anna banana and majinbuu! happy for you both! see u soon.. uuwi daw si vanj late may.. :)

Jelly Bean  – (March 11, 2013 at 8:40 AM)  

@ Glenn Encinares - Thanks Glenn! For the record, this is the hardest blog post I've ever made. Yeah, I did not cry during the wedding but while writing this todo ngalngal me. LOL! I hope this 2013 na ang lucky year mo for a happy lovelife.

@ PuccangGala - Thanks Ivy! Bongels naman si Vanj. Balik-balik lang ng Pinas.

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