Missing Froot Loops

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's been over a week now since our lovely cat Froot Loops disappear. We miss her so dearly. She's an active cat and we allowed her to wander around but she always come back everyday. When she's outside she usually hung out on the ledge, the garden or the next door neighbor's garage.

 . . . pretty pretty Froot Loops

It all started when Mochi got sick. Mochi kept on sneezing and had watery eyes. Still, she was very active and eats a lot. I've made some research online and found out the symptoms to be most likely a type of an upper respiratory virus which a lot time cats will just get over it on their own. We gave Mochi more vitamins and in a week's time she did get over it.

 little Mochi with grayish-blue eyes . . .

However, Mochi transferred the virus to Froot Loops. Froot loops is another story. Since we found her at a very young age, Froot Loops' immune system has not developed properly. She had medical problems. She constantly cough up hairballs and then throws up. We brought her to the vet and got prescriptions. Eventually, she got better. But this virus she got from Mochi was giving her too much pain. From constant sneezing to watery eyes, accompanied with stuffy nose - she looked horrible like the first time we took her (Check out her photos here). Her coat that was once so soft and shiny was thinning especially on her paws with each time she tried to clear her eyes and nose. She was having difficulty breathing.

 . . . Froot Loops - the wanderer

It was so bad I hear it and almost felt what it's like. It breaks my heart. We tried giving her medicine but she got upset and run outside the house. I tried to look for her and found her hiding underneath the bushes in the garden. Before dinner time, she came back to drink some water but refused to eat any food. I texted Tapioca and told him we should bring Froot Loops back to the vet. Morning came and she was missing.

We couldn't find her. We called for her, looked for her on places she usually goes to but nothing. After a week, she still didn't show up. Tapioca and I gave up. We think she has passed on. They said cats run off and be by themselves at the end. She's the type of cat that's very independent and most of the time she didn't want to be petted.

But the night before she went missing, Froot Loops went to bed with me and begged to be petted. Very unlikely of her. It was late already and she never wanted me to stop petting her. When I stop, she whines and snuggled closely to me. I was awake the whole night until she got comfortable. It's like she knew it was the last night we would be together.

Mochi and Froot Loops in their weird sleeping position . . .

This photo was probably the last one I got with Froot Loops on it. It was afternoon, Tapioca and the cats had gone to sleep while I was still awake blog hopping. I looked at them on bed and I just couldn't help but take this photo. Our cats have the weirdest sleeping positions ever. That's just one of the many positions they can come up with and I find it odd because they're sleeping on the same position and same body angle. How cute is that?

Mochi and Froot Loops grew up together and became best of friends. They sleep together, eat together and play together. We can tell how Mochi misses her much. Just like we both do. I can say this was more difficult than losing Carrot. There was no closure. We will never know what happened to her. Being parents to pets, I've learned to be brave. Learning to let go is never easy but I have to admit that nothing is permanent. Everything has an end and a beginning.

If Tapioca never found her outside the grocery store, she could have died earlier. We had extend her life for a few months and we could never be more than happy. If that's her life span then so be it.

Froot Loops, Mommy and Daddy and Mochi and Sunday love you and miss you. We hope you're happy and fine wherever you are right now.

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