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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going out with Tapioca means leaving my comfort zone just so we can spend some time together. Whether an early morning breakfast or a late night dinner, doesn't really matter. Either way, it's an opportunity for me to try new flavors and at the same time a stress reliever.

For two years, my week always started at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Having said that I just realized how I completely miss having breakfast. For two years breakfast for me means a piece of bread or toast and a cup of tea latte. Having said that you would have guess I am not a morning person. I always sleep late therefore I wake up late and most often no time for breakfast.

Tapioca loves breakfast so much. In fact he can have breakfast for lunch or dinner. And one of his fave brekky place is Butter Diner. He always wanted for us to go there but being a not so morning person as myself its very difficult.

Unexpectedly, a miracle happened. One day Tapioca and I found ourselves on Butter Diner for some brunch.

...cream of mushroom soup with garlic toast

This is not my first time at Butter Diner. I was on my way home after working graveyard shift then when I craved for some mushroom soup. That's how my feet led me to Butter Diner. I can still remember how good it tasted. If you're the kind who likes instant mushroom soup (which I do) you will like this one even better. It tasted like that of instant soup but the after taste is different. Their mushroom soup tasted like its home cooked with bits of mushrooms here and there.

fish and chips with salad on the side...

Tapioca ordered this one. I tried it but for me the best fish and chips are from Fish & Co. This one is just okay.

...french toast, bacon and scrambled egg

An all time favorite American breakfast. Too bad I can't eat bacon nowadays because of my braces. I remember eating one and I almost die. Until I get rid of my braces, bacon is going to be on my list of "foods that i missed". Oh by the way, did you notice that pink ice cream looking on the side? Actually, it's not an ice cream but a stawberry flavored whipped butter. Yeah right, that's the pride of Butter Diner. Their wide selection of whipped butter in different flavors. You maybe wondering what it tasted like. Well, its not that bad. It's butter only with a hint of stawberry. But the purist in me still want my butter as it is.

cheese omelet with french toast...

Now, this is a people-with-braces-friendly meal. Very simple just egg and cheese. Check out the color of the egg. It's light yellow and that means its not overly done. Just the way I like it.

...blueberry pancakes

I like my pancakes to be really fluffy but this one was not what I'm expecting it to be. Though Tapioca loves it because of its crusty edges, I'd say it's not that bad. Still, would prefer it to be fluffier. This time they put a chocolate flavored whipped butter.

strawberry-banana milk shake...

Super thick milkshake. Lurved it!

Our server that day did not use any pen or paper to take note of our orders. With all the food we ordered, it's amazing how he was able to got them all and didn't miss a thing. Impressive. Dining experience was very satisfactory. Service was fast, our food still hot when served and best of all good value for money. We ordered a lot but we did not end up with holes in our pockets.

To cap off our brunch, I got this choco moist cake from Shopwise which Thirdy's Mom has been raving about for weeks. I told myself I should give it a try right away. And here it is. Artwork courtesy of Hephaestion.

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