Agave Mexican Cantina and The Unplanned Movie

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I can't believe this. Every time me and Tapioca wanna watch a movie together we always ended up with a movie which isn't planned. We wanted to watch Star Trek but it's no longer showing in Eastwood because of the new movies. We decided to watch the movie Up (though we would really want to watch this in 3D) but they've only got the worse seats. Our only choice then was The Time Traveler's Wife.

I was expecting to watch movies like these with my girlfriends but amazingly Tapioca agreed to watch it with me. While he was buying our tickets I bought us a large bucket of fries to share from NYFD. They've got a new flavor which I haven't tried before.

...bacon onion tomato, something new to me so I gave it a try

Uh-oh. Did not like it. I don't know but it's a mayo base dip with hints of onion and bacon. I should have just stuck with ketchup instead.

Tapioca returned with our tickets and we're just in time for the last full show. Those who didn't know it's base from a book of the same title starring Eric Bana as Henry, the time traveler and Rachel McAdams as Clare, the time traveler's wife. It's a sci-fi/love story where the main character travels in time randomly and he never knows when he will disappear only to reappear at a different time without any clothes on. Because of that he learned how to steal just so he can get some coverings for himself. Then he fell for a girl though he knows it's going to be difficult because of his constant unpredictable time travel. It's complicated I know but as all love stories out there goes, the message is still love conquers all.

The film was quite long and I got really hungry. Tapioca was in the mood for some Mexican food so we went to Agave Mexican Cantina

After my bad experience at a Mexican resto in Boracay, I was not sure of what to order. So to be on the safe side I ordered this another braces-friendly dish . . .

Filete de Pescado...

Pan-seared cream dory topped with Salsa Fresca. Served with lime-cilantro rice. The fish was perfectly cooked and it's soft and juicy. I'm not really sure about the fresca salsa though. Kinda bland to me. I mean cream dory fish is bland so I think it should be complimented with salsa that is full of flavors. And then the lime-cilantro rice is so-so. Yeah there are hints of butter and cilantro but my palate wasn't approving so I wasn't able to finish it.

...Steak Enchilada

This is what Tapioca had. I wasn't able to try it and he never really raved about it so I guess it's not that bad but not that good. Just okay. He had San Mig Lights and I had the following...

House Margarita...

Mango Mojito...

...Pirates Cooler

Out of the three cocktails, the one that stood out was the pirates cooler. Aside from the strong kick after taking your first sip, the flavors that lingers in my mouth were the cranberry juice and the melon liquer. I mean I haven't tried any cocktails with melon liqeur and it was really good. Though I may say cocktails here are expensive. Oh well, the place is located in Eastwood so what do you expect.

After all the booze and cocktails and talks, we realized it's morning already and Agave was calling for last order. At 4am we went to McCafe to get some coffee. He had expresso double shots and I had cappuccino. Lookey, lookey here....

...nicey, effort debah?

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