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Monday, February 22, 2010

The MTICS pre-Christmas gathering last year was suppose to be held at Buzz Point but due to miscommunication (entirely my fault) we had to change venue. A week before the scheduled gathering we tried our very best to find a suitable place for the party. It was tough luck finding a place at the last minute. We chanced upon the only room available at Dampa Farmers.

Dampa Farmers is the usual paluto place where you buy fresh produce and seafood in the market and have it cook from one of the tenants. Dampa Farmers has approximately 6 to 10 tenants to choose from. This was the same place where Anthony Bourdain had lunch during his visit here in Manila.

After having our room reserved for the gathering, Tapioca and I decided to try out one of the cooking places in Dampa. We chose Sis Seafood Paluto for their relatively cheap prices. For half a kilo of shrimps they charge Php120 and Php100 for half a kilo of chicken. Not bad, eh? For this dinner we’ll be having shrimp tempura and sinampalukang manok to go.

The shrimp tempura was packed nicely with the sign “Sis” on top to let the air seep out so the tempura will remain crisp.

. . . Ebi Tempura aplenty

Nine huge pieces of shrimp tempura. For only Php370! (Php250 / half kilo + P120 for the paluto charge) Super worth it. I don’t think you’ll get this deal at any Japanese restos.

a pot of chicken sinampalukan . . .

Big serving for only Php190 (Php90 / half kilo of chicken + Php100 for the paluto charge). I think this is good for 3 to 4 persons but we’re big eaters so we finished them all hehehe. Our only concern though was that they put too much MSG on the soup.

Anthony Bourdain enjoyed his Pinoy meals here. The MTICS people loved this place for it’s affordable and great food. I'm sure you will love this place, too.

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