Manila Bay Dinner Cruise For Tapioca's Big Day

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Tapioca's birthday and I devised a little surprise. A dinner cruise at Manila Bay. It's not really as fancy as I would wanted it to be like cruising on a private yatch or even way way extravagant like going to a Caribbean cruise! But anyway this is going to be something memorable for us cos we have never been in a cruise before. And it's just amazing that there is something like this in Manila considering how bad the reputation of the water in Manila Bay.

The ferry docks right beside the now defunct Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant. I still remember how pretty that restaurant was at night time. It was a tourist attraction. How sad it's closed now.

We took the 2nd trip for the afternoon cruise. It says that the cruise starts at 5:45pm but truth is they allow to board passengers at 5:45pm and sails starts at 6:15pm. The cruise will last for an hour and fifteen minutes.

They said that the after sunset is one of the glorious hours for photography and I can understand why. You don't have to be a pro to capture amazing pictures.

I got to try taking bird pictures, too. I'd say it was so freaking hard yet exciting. It took a lot of patience, proper timing and luck to get these photos.

...the love birds, hehehehe!

The cruise started at exactly 6:15pm. Dinner was served immediately. We had mini beef tacos and pumpkin soup for appetizer. Tapioca enjoyed the tacos while I enjoyed the soup.

mini beef tacos . . .

. . . pumpkin soup

breaded fish fillet, buttered veggies for main course and a blueberry cheese cake for dessert . . .

Tapioca enjoying his meal and the nice view . . .

After the cruise we went to Megamall to watch a movie but we didn't like the movies currently playing and it was getting late already so we just decided to go home. Tapioca got bitin from our dinner so he ordered this sub sandwich from Almon Marina . . .

I forgot the exact name of the sandwich. It was 17-inch sub packed with meat slices, cheese and veggies. He was able to finished the entire thing by himself so it must be really good.

Click here to view more pics from our Manila Bay Dinner Cruise.

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