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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello there guys. I was on hiatus for some time and hasn't been blogging lately. I salute those people who can always keep their blogs updated. Anyway, what has been keeping me for blogging? Oh well, the answer is blog hopping. I think it's a great way to get some inspirations and keep my creative juices flowing. I was very happy to discover new and not so new blogs out there. And while blog hopping I stumbled upon this blog which I will be sharing on this post.

I can't believe I have almost forgotten this blog. It's actually one of the first blogs I love and adore back then when I was still starting my own site. The blog owners Sherry and John are certified DIY dorks (from their own words). The first time I hopped into their blog they were just a couple living in an old house. Their post are mostly on house improvements and DIY projects. Believe it or not even their own wedding was a DIY, too.

Two years after, since the last time I visited their blog, the couple has now moved in to their new home and are also proud parents to a baby girl named Clara. I was very surprise! In that span of time, I definitely missed a lot so I updated myself onto what's up with these guys. And then I read about Clara's birth story. At first, I was so happy knowing that Sherry was actually going to share the entire story (it was pretty long). Never did I expect nor image what the both of them went through. It was an incredible, terrifying, sad but happy ending story. Boy, I was in tears. It was tears of sadness and then happiness. I can't even imagine what it feels more to them. Giving birth was suppose to be a wonderful and beautiful thing. I have learned then that it's not always the case. What happened to them was a miracle and a blessing.

Check out Young House Love here and Clara's birth story here. Be warned, though. It's a pretty loooong and emotional story. I suggests get your napkins/tissue ready *wink*.

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