Night Out At Elbow Room + Stackers Brekkie

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our team won the spelling bee competition which earned us a few thousand bucks to spend. And what better way to spend those moolah but to celebrate and have a night out... at the Elbow Room in Metrowalk Ortigas. Time to release the frustration thru videoke and some pool sesh hehehe.

Tapioca and I came out late. I doze off and almost forgot we had to be there by 8pm. We arrived past 11pm (Pa-VIP!!!). No more chibog but there were still some booze left. Here are the kodakan moments.

. . . da boyz

da gurlz . . .

. . . da songer

da drunken master . . .

. . . da billiard attendant

da gamblers . . .

. . . da team and the pluses

And what to do after a big night out? Eh di magmidnight-slash-early morning breakfast! Our search for a good breakfast place that's still open late Sunday night (or should I say early Monday morning) led us to Stackers. We have been to Stackers several times already (see here, here, here and a lot more that need not to blog dahil same-same lang naman order namin) but this was the first time we've sampled their breakfast offerings. The choices didn't entice me so I've decided to stick with my staple. Then I noticed the new items on their menu. They're now serving pasta and soup. Yay for the soup. Ako na, ako na ang adik sa soup hahahaha!!!!!

clam chowder . . .

. . . BBQ burger bowl

Now this is what Tapioca had for breakfast:

omelette sandwich . . .

And some extra stuffs:

. . . sad looking bacon

. . . sorry looking beef patty and slice bread

for the coffee - milk in a shot glass with a tiny spout, cute cute little thing . . .

Tapioca was not happy with his food. It's obvious on the picture how the food looked like they're in grief. Tapioca said he can taste the grit from the grill on the bacon and burger. As if they don't clean their grill at all. Yikes. He's that maselan and he can really tell I mean taste it.

The soup was okay. Why do I have this feeling that clam chowder soups are cream of mushroom soup in disguise? (LOL!) I know I might have sounded stupid with that statement and I'm fine with that. I mean this was the 2nd time I had clam chowder and it's hard to tell the difference until you dig in to the soup. Still I'm on a quest for the best clam chowder soup. Actually, I'm on a quest for the best soup ever! That's gonna be tough as I'm bias. I love soup especially if they're piping hot.

Click here to view more pics from the night out.

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