Hanson's Back In Town and And I Am Not Dreaming This Time.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yes folks, they're here. They really are here in Manila now. Earlier today, I got a text mesage from the Prez of our fan club telling me to bring my ass off to the airport to welcome the guys. I swear, oops, let me rephrase that. I mean I almost said a curse word which was totally not so me by the way. I was not expecting them to go here so early. Why Taylor, why did it have to be so early? I'm screwed. I only filed for a two day vacation leave which I thought was long enough to do some early preps. But I was wrong. Very wrong. I wanted to go to the airport so badly but knowing what my boss was like I might not be able to get any vacation leave if that happens. Just one more freakin day at work and I'm back to being 15 again. Thanks Hanson. Thank you for coming back to Manila.

P.S. I wanted to cry now but I'm not. Just overreacting hahaha.

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