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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I know, I know this is old news but I still wanna blog about it. We got this 2 years ago as a gift from Mama and Papa R. We're amazed by this gaming console. Instead of the usual joystick, it uses a wireless controller called Wii remote and a nunchuck. It's not your regular game play where you sit, watch and play. It's physically demanding therefore a perfect workout session at home.

. . . unboxing the wii 2 years ago. tagal na!

the black beauty . . .

The console came with two discs. The Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. We get to play tennis, bowling, basketball, rowing, cycling, etc at the comfort of our house. Whenever we have guests at home we let them try it out and aliw na aliw namin sila.

We bought some more games and my fave would be Cooking Mama and Just Dance. Kalokah nga minsan natatalo pa ko ni Tapioca sa Just Dance. Mas magaling daw cya magsayaw LOL!

We wish to buy more games especially the DJ hero and the band hero but we live in a small apartment. We're not sure kung saan ilalagay ang drum set if ever we get one. Hay, lalabas na lang ang new Wii U but di pa rin natutupad yung wish namin.

I know time will come when we can get our hands on those stuff. For the mean time, we'll enjoy what have.

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