Christmas with the Apat na Sikat

Monday, December 31, 2012

It was a pleasant surprise when we got a message from Vanj saying she'll be in town for the holidays. This is one of those rare occasions when the four of us see one another and catch up with each other's lives. No matter how crazy the schedules are, we're able to squeeze in an impromptu gathering. We all met up at Ivy's place. She whipped up a simple meal and I brought a cake. It's like celebrating my birthday all over again!


They we're requesting for Banapple's cheesecake however the store was close. This was the next best thing.

Tapioca once bought this cake for my nephew's birthday (yeah, a pink cake for a guy). The cake was yummy. It was not overly sweet and the sponge cake was not dry. No umay factor, too.

I love that Goldilocks is improving it's cake lineup unlike Red Ribbon. I recently discovered that Red Ribbon has taken out the blueberry cheesecake from the menu. Sigh. First, it was the New York cheesecake. Now the blueberry. What's next Red Ribbon?!?!

. . . Ivy's special carbonara

 buttered toast . . .

Simple yet delish meal prepared by Ivy..

the apat na sikat with Rhian . . .

We got bitin with all the chikahan so after 3 days, we continued the session at home. Unfortunately, Anjee couldn't make it as she had to leave for Ilocos. This time we had an inuman session.

. . . with tanduay ice

Tapioca prepared the pulutan :-)

  chicken with leeks . . .

 pan-seared pork chop with dry rub . . .

 . . . baked potatoes with butter and herbs

buttered mushroom . . .

Vanjee commented that the dishes reminded her of China. She said it was exactly the same way Chinese made their dishes. Well, what can I say? Tapioca's cooking is mostly influenced by Chinese.

We drank merrily while eating and watching No Other Woman. The three of us haven't watched this movie yet.  So glad I watched it with my girlfriends. I rarely (make that never ever!) watch Pinoy movies especially with Tapioca. He abhors Pinoy films. But with my girlfriends around, he's left with no choice but to make nasty comments about Anne Curtis hahaha!

We really missed each other so much we continued the bonding session the following day. We went to Eastwood and attended the Sunday mass. For lunch we headed to Food Junction. Vanjee missed Filipino food and I missed my favorite bulalo. Sorry but no more food photos. We were hungry and busy with the kwentuhan and finding out the latest chismax. We did get a souvenir photo at the Eastwood City Walk with these fake Chistmas trees and snow.

. . . vanj and yours truly

Ivy the photographer not included. The girls and I spent lots of time together but I think it still wasn't enough. I was kinda sad when we bid each other farewell. I know they're just an email/sms away but it's never the same when you're with each other's company. 

I can't wait till we see each other again. I miss you already! 

PuccangGala  – (August 1, 2013 at 3:51 AM)  

aww.. i missed you all too... :(

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