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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I was getting alarmed at the number of tomcats loitering outside the house. Some of them are brave enough to go further inside the house and eat the entire contents  of Sunday's & Mochi's food bowls which I find really annoying. 

Meet tomcat #1: Pepper.

Pepper is not his real name. We just called him that because he's all black and gray. He was the first male cat we've seen with Mochi. I thought they were just being chums. After we lost Froot Loops, we thought Mochi needs a new friend and that's why she's hanging out with Pepper. We also thought of adopting Pepper but he and Sunday fought a lot. Not a good idea.

. . . mochi & pepper

Tomcat #2: Ginger

Because he's ginger colored. Hehehe!

Tomcat #3: Sunday look-a-like.

They're prolly separated at birth.

Tomcat #4. Sneaky bastard.

That's just some of the cats captured on camera. There's more of them. I think the cats from the entire neighborhood know about Mochi being in heat. They can smell her!

When Froot Loops was gone, we thought it's going to be a chance for Mochi and Sunday to be friends. Well, Mochi actually likes Sunday. She likes sleeping beside him. She follows him wherever he goes to sleep.

on top of the shelves . . .

. . . the kitty bed

the rug . . .

Please don't be fooled by the photos above. Truth is Sunday hates her. He finds her irritating. Seriously.

I didn't want any more cats around the house especially when Tapioca has allergies and asthma attacks. Our house is supposed to be cat-free. But then, he just wouldn't let these guys go. He claims he's getting used to them. I'm not so sure though. Anyway, I needed all those pesky tomcats to go away. It really frustrates me when they all go to war in the middle of the night. Thank God the neighbors don't complain and I'm not gonna wait for that to happen. I told Tapioca it's time to get Mochi spayed.

I did a little research online and found out that PAWS offers the most reasonable price for sterilization. We called them up and set an appointment. They prolly get a lot of clients for spaying/neutered procedures because we had to wait two weeks for Mochi's appointment. I just hope by that time Mochi is not yet pregnant or there's going to be additional charges.

. . . cradling mochi like a baby

This is the morning of my birthday, the same day Mochi will undergo the procedure.

She is such a sweet kitty. She likes to sleep right next to Mommy :-)

Before going to Eastwood for lunch, we dropped her off at PAWS.

office of PAWS . . .

. . . mochi in her cage

It's Mochi's first time to be put inside a cage. She hated it. She was meowing crazily and wanted to get out. Good thing we were able to console her and she calmed down a bit.

We were told we can pick her up by 6pm. They were very strict on this as they do not allowed sterilized cats to stay overnight at their place.

Poor Tapioca who barely had any sleep since we spent the afternoon at Eastwood. He still have a shift that night. We woke up at exactly 6pm and hurriedly went out of the house wearing our pambahay. No time to change LOL! Since it was the busiest day of the year, hiring a cab was difficult but we managed. Thank God! We made it there before 7pm.

PAWS at night . . .

That's Tapioca's back. He lost a lot of weight na. His diet + exercise is finally paying off!

 . . . the sheltered cats at PAWS

I love these cats. They're so behaved and so . . . fatty! I wish Mochi would become a fatty too like them  :-)

sleepy Mochi . . .

We saw Mochi still asleep inside her cage. The vet gave us instructions for the post-operative care. When she heard our voices, she gained consciousness. But because of the drugs, she couldn't move or make a sound.

We took her home and took her out of the cage. She was still groggy from the drugs but she was fighting it. She couldn't even walk straight  but tried to jump onto the chair, the bed and the window. We got worried because her stitches might open up on what she's trying to do. So I closed up all the windows and kept an eye on her.

But then, I was also tired. I fell asleep and when I woke up at around two in the morning, Mochi was gone. The drugs faded and she was able to climb up to their secret passage in the kitchen. I opened up the door and the windows and called her. I think she heard me and she immediately showed up. I gave her food and water and she started eating.

Mochi was also given some antibiotics. We're also told to clean her wounds for a week and to watch out when she tried to lick it. We didn't notice any abnormalities which was a good sign. She was able to recover well enough.

And the tomcats? Surprisingly, they're all gone now. I was so glad they can no longer be seen hanging out near the house. No more cat fights at night. And the best part, we will never have to worry about unwanted litters. To learn more about cat sterilization you may check out PAWS website.

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