Making Our Christmas Tradition

Friday, December 28, 2012

We celebrated Christmas at home with just the two of us and our adorable kitties. Tapioca didn't have work so we spent the rest of the day doing what we do best - nothing! This is our first Christmas as husband and wife. I thought it would be great to make our own Christmas tradition by having a family photo. We didn't put up any Christmas decor for fear the cats will destroy them. The only festive spot in the house was this door with the wreath I bought from Bicol (Mochi and Sunday can't reach it haha!). That's where we had our pictorial.

. . . Mr & Mrs Tapioca

with our babies - Mochi & Sunday . . .

I'm loving this spot in the house. I know this is going to be hard to keep so before it goes away, I had a photo op with Mochi :-)

. . . healthy christmas

In lieu to dieting, we had pesto pasta and fresh garden salad with homemade vinaigrette.

Tapioca's gifts to me:

new shoes ! ! !

They were on sale (buy one take one). He really knows how to spoil me *giddy*

new purses ! ! !

My passion with tiny purses is back. When we went shopping I went crazy with all those cute little purses but I restrained myself. Tapioca allowed me to get two. How nicey? You know he was very generous to me and I feel ashamed I didn't have anything for him. Well, as of the moment I can't afford his dream PC. But I told him one day I will buy it. Until that day come . . . .

Here's more gifts from friends . . .

. . . yummy polvoron from Aldwin & Angela

pretty photo frame from dirk & nina . . .

I really love this frame. It's unfortunate though that it can't stay in it's place. Mochi knocks the poor thing over twice. Good thing it didn't break.

. . . digital clock from marj

I always wanted to have this digital clock. It serves as a back up alarm clock when our cellphones are dead. I also like the temperature meter. It tells us that our air conditioner is doing its job. Also, we can now see the time when it's night time and all the lights are off. No more scrambling for the phone to check the time. Love it!

immersion blender . . .

Just like the digital clock, I have ticked off another item on my wish list. I can use this to whip up cream, mix home made salad dressings, puree ingredients for soups and so much more. Can't wait to break this in!

. . . in hot rockin' pink-alush ! ! !

This is the logo/brand for the immersion blender. They're available at SM Department Store. Aside from immersion blenders, they also have cool kitchen appliances like rice cookers, oven toasters, hand mixers, etc in different colors. If you like to put a pop of color in your kitchen, then this is the brand to look for.

paper shredder . . .

For my home office, the paper shredder. Tapioca got this from a second hand store. Tried shredding a couple of papers and it stopped working so we returned it to the store. Unfortunately, since it was on sale it's the last of its kind. Lesson learned: never buy any electronic equipments from a thrift store even though it has a warranty. For furniture - yes. but electronic equipments? Never again.

. . . sandwich maker

From Tapioca's list, a sandwich maker. It's brand new (thank God!). First, I thought, we won't have any use for this. I like toasting my bread in the oven toaster or over a hot pan. Then Tapioca introduced me to the wonders of the sandwich maker. Now making grilled cheese sandwich is easy, convenient and quicker.

It has room for 2 sandwiches. I can make 2 sandwiches in one go. Neat!!!

He also got his dream mouse pad.

razer goliathus gaming mouse pad . . .

So that's it folks, our simple Christmas showered with gifts from loved ones. Thank you generous friends for remembering us! How about you? Did you get what you wish for this Christmas?

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