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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nanay’s birthday is coming up and she has been giving me hints that she wanted to have a cell phone. Just like the other senior citizens out there. I’ve decided to make her dream come true so Tapioca and I went to Greenhills where you can get the best deal for cell phones. Since it’s going to be Nanay’s first phone we have decided to get her the basic phone that she can use to text and call. And maybe a few little features that might come in handy like the flashlight.

. . . Tapioca testing out the brand new Nokia phone

And what’s the most user-friendly phone in the market? Nokia cyempre.

After we bought the phone, it’s time to chow. I read about this new resto that opened in Greenhills. I convinced Tapioca to help me look for it. We had a hard time looking for the place because of name confusion. All I remember was they call it Delicious Kitchen. We were almost about to give up but good thing we did not. We've asked the concierge if they know that name. They said no. So we asked for the name of a newly opened Chinese resto. They said it's called Eat Well. Alright then, so that’s the right name.

Tapioca loves Chinese food and we are always on the look out for the best Chinese resto in town. Eat well’s menu was quite extensive and there’s a lot of pretty interesting dishes that we'd like to try. We were pretty adventurous at the moment so we gave in to whatever sounds yummy on the menu.

black gulaman and mint tea . . .

I love iced tea and after I saw this mint iced tea from the menu I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately it was not as wonderful as I was expecting it to be. I should have ordered the watermelon shake, my second fave drink. Tapioca on the other hand was having a good time with the black gulaman.

. . . xaio long bao

I discovered xaio long bao from people raving about these babies who had been to Hong Kong or Taiwan. They said its the best. Dumpling with meat, veggies and soup inside. I had never tried this and I'm not going to Hong Kong or Taiwan anytime soon so when I saw this on the menu I got excited. Imagine soup on the dimsum? How they manage to put the soup inside the dimsum was pretty amazing.

Hakao . . .

My all time fave. Dumplings filled with shrimp. Their hakao was full of plump and juicy shrimp. Hindi tinipid. I so lurve it!

. . . yang chow fried rice

This is a winner. Its overloaded with meat, shrimps and veggies. Big in servings but it comes in a cheap price. Seriously, the word scrimp does not exist in this place.

homemade bean curd with black mushroom . . .

We love tofu so whenever there’s tofu on menu we don't skip it. And they have this homemade bean curd dish that looks and tastes delish.

. . . 3 cups of chicken with basil

Tapioca picked this and we enjoyed this too. We were in luck because most of the food we've ordered were really delish. I actually ordered for a pork chop but they forgot it. I think they did it on purpose. They probably thought we ordered too much and we would not be able to finish them all. And they're right. With all these food we were sooo full. We left the store happy and promised to come back with empty stomach and a big appetite to try more of their dishes.

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