Tagaytay Day Trip - Picnic Grove and Zipline

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello there. This is the second and last part of our Tagaytay trip. After our brunch at Leslie's we headed to Picnic Grove.

. . . picnic grove cottages overlooking the Taal lake and volcano

The park remains the same except for their latest attraction which was the zip line and cable car. For the entrance fee we paid Php50 each. It bothers me that the Picnic Grove management didn't even regulate who gets in or out of the park. From the moment you enter the gate, going to the park, and on the actual park and the cottages, the vendors and fixers offering horse back riding were all over the place invading your personal space. This scares me especially those guys who just go up to us since most of them looked like gangster. How can you trust them when they didn't look decent enough.

Picnic Grove has been poorly maintained and the entrance fee do not serve any justice to the park's current condition. This is a shame to the local government of Tagaytay. Also worth mentioning was the blaring sound system from the Tagaytay Ridge Zip Line and Cable Car.

It was very sad to see how the place has turned out. Picnic Grove was a special place for me. I have lots of memories here from childhood to my early adulthood but it lost its touch with all the tourist traps/booboo. I know these people are trying to make a living but if any guest or tourist would like to get their service then there should be a right place for them to do business. I hope they would do something to improve the park for the future generations to come.

So that was the sad part. Moving on the happy part, we didn't let those pesky vendors and fixers ruin our day. We simply ignored them like they don't exist. I tell ya, it's hard dahil ang dami nila! We wanted to do horse back riding pa naman but it's really scary thinking sino kaya sa kanila mapagkakatiwalaan.

While enjoying our leisure walk in the park, we noticed this big dark cloud coming up . . .

Uh-oh, looks like we're not gonna stay here for long. Had to think of a fast, quick and in a hurry activity. Sayang ang entrance fee kung wala kaming maaccomplish. And the answer . . .

Tagaytay Ridge Zip line and . . .

. . . Cable Car

The cable car looks boring in my opinion so we chose the zip line. This was our first zip line experience and I was nervous as hell. Did I tell you I'm afraid of heights? Funny since I live all my life in an apartment building. But you know adrenaline rush like this makes the adventure more exciting and fun. Tapioca got our one way ticket which cost P200 per head with souvenir picture.

We're next in line after these couple . . .

And we're done. Here's our souvenir.

It was a short ride, kinda bitin but it was awesome and a very thrilling experience. All the time I was looking off the ground which was about 300 feet and I kept on screaming while Tapioca was laughing his ass off me. Tapioca wanted to bring the camera during the zip glide but I did not let him risk it hehehe! It was a great experience and I wanna do it again. But prolly somewhere else naman para mas masaya.

Because of the rain we decided to go back to Manila instead of staying in Tagaytay. From Picnic Grove we went to Olivares terminal to catch the bus going to Cubao and surprise, surprise the same bus we took to get to Tagaytay happened to be the same bus we're taking to go home. The bus conductor even remembered us and commented how quick our trip was. Yeah, it was a quick trip and that was not expected but we felt that we have done enough. This is the end of our Tagaytay Day Trip and hope you like it. Until our next adventure.

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