Two Years of Being Together

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello blog-o-sphere. Here I am again, posting away our 2nd year anniversary celebration. Can you believe it, 2 freakin' years? It felt like we have been together for a loooong time. Shucks, how time flies. FYI, we no longer celebrate our monthsaries. As much as I wanted to but Tapioca thought it's such a hassle when in fact we almost always go out on a date anyway with or without a special occasion to celebrate. Whenever we felt the urge or craving for something we just go right ahead.

I thought he has a point but on the back of my mind I wanted to scream, "Booo, di mo lang alam ang exact date!" Yeah, he's like that. He's so bad remembering the dates. But I have already accepted that fact and one of the reasons why we have stayed together this long is because we understand each other well. I'd say even waaaay better than before. Also understanding will not be enough if you can't accept the person for what or who he/ she is. So there you go Tapioca, you know na what it means, hehehe!

Enough said. Let me tell you guys how we celebrated our 2nd year. Naturally, I was the official planner. At first, I thought I did a bad job. I thought I did not fulfill my duty as the planner. Okay, I did make a list of places to go to for the 2-day vacation leave we filed at the office. Basically, that's all I did. Period. I've never been so lame planning out a vacation. Seriously.

Time and budget are the biggest factor in planning a vacation and these were pretty much limited in our case (and was totally forgotten on the planning phase) and I hated it. It makes planning even more stressful (and that's why I did not include them on my plan). I know it's suppose to be a challenge but come on, I had way too many challenges at work. All I wanted is a stress-free, easy going vacation. In my attempt to achieve it, we ended up spending way out of the budget and maximizing our time went somewhere out of the window.

But at the end of it all, we realized it felt good. No, I mean better. No regrets whatsoever. We may have went overboard with the budget but we were glad we did because we were after all in desperate need of a break. Break from all the office works , from all the chores, budget and planning at home. We may not have maximized the 2 day vacation because we took our sweet time to keep us from exhaustion and in order to enjoy our stay one place at a time without worrying on what attractions to see or where to go next. We might not able to do all the thing we wanted but we did achieve what we really needed. A relaxing and in-our-own-pace vacation.

This definitely change my perspective on traveling. I'm also sure that this will make a big impact on my future travel plans. Sorry if this is such a long post. I do hope you get my point. If not, I apologized if I wasted your time.

Peace, love and a bullet-proof marshmallow.

Coming up next are the (food) adventures. Stay tuned.

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