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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our anniversary fell on a Friday weekend. What a perfect timing, right? We filed for a two-day vacation leave and on the 1st day we had a pre-celebration. Brunch at Mom and Tina's.

Mom and Tina's has two branches. One near our office in Libis and second in Dela Rosa Street, Makati. So where to go after shift? The closest one in Libis, of course. But wait they don't open until 10am. Uh-oh we are so not willing to wait. Good thing there is Plan B. And Plan B is at Apartment 1B. But hey, traffic in Ayala is terrible. And from Ayala we are way closer to Greenbelt where the other Mom and Tina's is located. Definitely nearer than Apartment 1B.

Time check 930am. Mom and Tina's Makati branch opens at 7am. Yay!

. . . blue lemonade

They have a long list of drinks. Coffee and tea variants, hot or iced, soda or juice, fruit shakes and the list goes on. Some drinks you can choose from single serving, bottomless or you can try all the iced tea flavors and lemonade unlimited which they call carousel. Cyempre adik lang sa iced tea so we chose the later. And our first glass was blue lemonade. It looked good on the eyes but it had a bad aftertaste similar to the artificial fruit juices. Good thing we are not stuck on this flavor alone. Three more flavors to go! Sana lang di kami mabusog kagad :-)

. . . clam chowder with garlic roll

Their soup of the day was clam chowder. At first sip it tasted like cream of mushroom. Then I was able to scooped out some clams and confirmed that it's indeed clam chowder. There were a few tiny pieces of clams in the soup but no fishy taste. The garlic roll on the other hand was yummy. It was soft and the garlic flavor was subtle. It was perfect with my soup.

. . . shepherd's pie served with 2 garlic rolls and our 2nd round of carousel

This was Tapioca's order. He has been on the look out for his American comfort food and this one dish he considered to be one of them. Oh well, Mom and Tina's is known for their baked goods but they also specialized in American home cooked meals. Now back to the shepherd's pie, Tapioca was expecting the dish to have crust like most pies do but this one was served in a ramekin with no crust at all. He said it was okay. Tapioca cannot remember the last time he had shepherd's pie so he can't make any comparison. Still his quest for the best shepherd's pie is on. Our second round of carousel was the green tea iced tea. Now the green tea has this frizzy taste. It's like a soda mixed with tea.

hot biscuits with strawberry jam and bega butter . . .

Here's another item Tapioca misses so much. He said back in the US, KFC serves their fried chicken with biscuits. And the biscuits taste so good withe their famous gravy. So there you go another food that Tapioca missed and we found it here. I tell ya, it did not disappoint.

. . . look at that

It was piping hot when it arrived on our table. And man oh man, the strawberry jam reminded me of Baguio. Biscuit + butter + strawberry jam = foodgasm!!!

fettuccine beef stroganoff . . .

Carbs overload. I wanted to try something new for pasta and that's the reason I ordered this. I love beef stroganoff and I think it's a perfect match with pasta. Unfortunately this dish did not work for me. Overcooked pasta and the sauce wasn't thick enough. Did not finish this. This dish came with the 2 pieces of garlic rolls.

chicken relleno . . .

Tapioca requested for java rice with this dish. If you will noticed most of our dishes had this cucumber garnish. It's like they have a thing with cucumber hehehe. Tapioca said the chicken was ok but he was expecting more from it.

our last round of carousel and more garlic rolls . . .

This was the final round of our carousel. With all the carbs we consumed, I'm actually surprised we were able to down 3 tall glasses. I had the lemon iced tea and Tapioca had the red (raspberry) iced tea. Of course I just have to try the red tea and I must say it's the one I liked best. The rolls were overflowing and as much as we'd love to eat them we were so full already. Can't eat anymore so they went with us at home.

My vow to never miss an opportunity for dessert was yet to be broken (again). I know we're full already but how can I resist when they have so much to offer. Check this out.

By the way that's just one part of their display cases. There's a lot more. Those pretty little cakes were screaming "take me, take me!". And I did. I took 3 of them with me to go. *Happy happy joy joy!* Still I haven't come to the best part of this post. Of all the dishes we ordered including my dessert take outs we only spent around Php1,200. All I can say prices were reasonable and I swear I will be back. They have an extensive menu and we would love try them all. Can't wait. What do you think I should order next?

Glenn Encinares  – (October 5, 2011 at 10:21 PM)  

Hi Anna :) Those food made me hungry :( I already followed your blog, you can also follow my blog :)

Jelly Bean  – (October 9, 2011 at 7:02 PM)  

Hi glenn, yup following you now. Thanks!

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