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Monday, September 19, 2011

Probably most of you may be aware (or already went gaga) of the on going craze for group buying sites. These websites offer the best deals ever! May it be for food/restaurants, tour packages, hotels, gadgets, services and anything else that you could think of for consumers like us to enjoy at an insanely low price. I was very tempted to buy every deals posted on their sites but you know I'm just a poor little girl who relies on monthly paychecks. Can't afford all of them even if they're at 50-90% off!

Another thing that keeps me from trying out these great deals? It's the word credit card. You see I had always use paypal for online transaction as a secured way of keeping my credit card info. It has been 6 months now (and counting) since my paypal account got frozen for some reasons unknown and I'm not allowed to do any major transactions. Even my mystery shopping gig got halted because my payments go thru my paypal account, too. It was such a hassle I tell ya but for now I have no choice but to shy away from online shopping that uses credit card payments. It was a relief to know though that some of these groupon sites have over the counter payments thru banks and LBC.

Anyway, I finally got the courage to purchased a deal from Metrodeal. I hated lines at the bank so I went with the LBC payment scheme via Dragonpay. The trasaction was as a breeze. I patiently waited for the deal to end hoping that a lot of people would buy or else they will cancel the deal. Thank goodness the deal ended without getting canceled and I got my voucher for a 51% discount on pizza and pasta from Sandy's Pizza. I called the store then and informed them about the deal I got from Metrodeal. We choose to have the food delivered at home which we have to pay extra. I think we paid Php99 for the delivery.

. . . the packaging. See their phone number?

Sandy's Special Pizza - Family size. . .

They're very generous with the black olives which I loved. Kinda reminds me of Magoo's Pizza. Oh, I missed that pizza place. Anyway, we think the pizza left the oven a little early because the crust was still chewy. The toppings were great though. We didn't finish the entire thing so we had the leftovers for breakfast. In the morning we placed the remaining slices in the oven toaster and out came the pizza with crispy crust which made it better.

. . . carbonara with mushrooms

For the pasta, we wanted to get the Italian sausage and tomatoes but they said we can only choose between tuna arabbiata and carbonara. And we chose the later. The carbonara was okay. Just okay. I think I can whip up a yummier carbonara than this (yabang lang o!)

mozzarella sticks . . .

This was an extra order and not included with the deal. These were awesome (who can go wrong with cheese?). I wish we had ordered more.

The pizza and the pasta may not be that great but I'm not complaining. If I paid the full price, maybe I would. Will we give Sandy's pizza a try? Maybe. As I said we wanted to try the sausage pasta and some other unique pizza flavors. Will we buy deals from Metrodeal again? Definitely. Kaya buy na rin kayo and let's all have a good time. Yeah!

And oh, by the way, here's the dessert take outs from Mom and Tina's. I'm finally sharing them.

. . . mocha butter and carrot cupcakes

banoffe pie . . .

I'm into coffee flavored desserts lately.

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