Bar One's Big Buns Burger

Friday, November 30, 2012

Here's another deal from my favorite group buying site, Deal Grocer. A whopping 2-pound burger from Holiday Inn's Bar One. Since Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Galleria shares the same bar, I thought I might get the same burger experience from our last staycation.

. . . bar one's entrance

the promise of the big buns burger  . . .

. . . diluted nestea iced tea 

The voucher is good for 1 big buns burger and 8 drinks (choice of soda, iced tea or local beer).

 (allegedly) the biggest burger in town  . . .

I've grown so skeptical of some promos claiming that it's good for a number of people when in reality it's just good for 1 or 2 persons (remember this?) I'm happy to report that the promo was not deceitful at all. True to it's promise, the burger was huge! Good for 8 persons. It was cut like a pizza. Of course, Tapioca and I couldn't finish all of it so we invited a few friends to help conquer the massive burger.

I love the ambiance at Bar One. It's a perfect place to chill-ax. However, the service totally sucks. A far cry from the top-notched service we received from Crowne Plaza. Not sure if this was because we're voucher holders. Anyway, there was this one young lady server who changed all the negativity with her warm, friendly and courteous assistance. Also, we've seen one of the chefs who looked like a big-boned version of Donita Rose. I know Donita has decided to take a break from her showbiz career to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. Can anyone confirm that she is indeed working at Holiday Inn?

. . . the burger innards

Back to the burger, one slice is equivalent to a quarter pounder. Yes, it's that big. The verdict? It was really good. Pure beef-y goodness (no extenders) cooked just right. And that fluffy and yummy bread (it was thick but di cya nakakaumay), the veggies, eggs and bacon added flavors and texture that made the burger even more delish. Still, I have to admit, my heart belongs to the room service burger from Crowne Plaza LOL!!!

Christmas at Holiday Inn . . .

Holiday Inn was all glammed up for the coming holidays. I took advantage and had my picture taken with the made-up fireplace :-)

. . . sidebar

Afterwards, we went to Sidebar for some cocktails.

Had my current fave cocktail - grapefruit daquiri.

joshua tree . . .

And a joshua tree to cap off the night.

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