Jellybean Learns How To Shoot A Gun

Monday, November 12, 2012

We celebrated our first month of being husband and wife with a bang (literally) by learning the basics of handling and shooting a gun. (Yay!) We were able to scout some discount vouchers from Deal Grocer. (Another yay!) Tapioca was super looking forward to this. He was the one who pressed for it or he won't let me buy anymore deals from Deal Grocer :-(

I told him he can attend the class himself while I will be the supportive wife and watch from behind. He, of course insisted I join, too. He said it would be best to learn how to shoot a gun. I am seriously afraid of guns like I'm afraid of knives, needles and anything sharp and pointed objects.

"It's time to face your fear and give it a go. You never know, you might over come your fear once you learned how." his argument. He's right. Just like I've been learning to face my fear with knives by learning how to cook. Time to make a change and face my fear with guns.

. . .  Jellybean @ Stronghand Shooting Range

Uma-aura lang!

Tapioca checking out the shooting range . . .

. . . locker area

safety area . . .

Can I just stay here instead?

. . . unload here

kiss kiss bang bang cafe . . .

The shooting range is located at the basement level of La Defense Building together with this small cafe with a name that's just appropriate with the theme.

. . . the classroom

In this room, we were introduced to the basics of guns, a little bit of history, some info about the laws regarding owning a gun and more. The lecture lasted for an hour or so. At the end of it the course, we learned the following:
  • The 4 rules of gun safety
  • How to handle a pistol
  • How to clear a pistol
  • How to shoot a target
Now time for actual gun shooting and applied what we've learn.

Finally, this is what Tapioca has been waiting for. To shoot a gun, a real one. Before, he can only do this through his PC games like Battlefield 3 or the Call of Duty series. It's his dream coming true. Made him so happy. Just look at that smile.

the targets . . .

. . . ear muffs, magazines and an HS 9mm

According to the instructor, the HS 9 is one of the safest hand guns in the world. It's lighter too because it has plastic frame.

eye protection and toxic-free ammo . . .

. . . Tapioca prepping up his pistol

smiling and trying to stay calm . . .

The instructor gave us one-on-one coaching on handling a pistol. It was nerve-wrecking.When the others started firing, hala mas lalo akong kinabahan. I really don't know what to do and I was having a hard time calming my nerves. I was palpitating the whole time! What if I dropped the gun and it fired? What if I shoot someone accidentally? My thoughts are splattered everywhere. Buti na lang Tapioca was very enthusiastic and encouraged me a bit. He was like "This is suppose to be fun. Stop over thinking." Parang ganun lang kadali, noh?

waiting for my turn - afraidy me . . .

Meet our instructor - NROI Chief  Ranger Officer Joey "The Storm" Rivero. Please don't ask why he's called The Storm. I have no idea and we didn't ask him why either. Anyway, he's very nice and a really good instructor. He explains everything very well . He's a little strict but super patient (especially to hard-headed people like me) LOL!

I have to thank Tapioca for taking this video. Watching this allowed me to see my mistakes and how hard-headed I am). Now I know what I can improve on next time we hit the shooting range (Naks, talaga naman may next time daw oh?).

Oh, ha? After 48 years bago iputok LOL!

My first shot, I didn't know what happened. Second shot I was still nervous like hell. Third shot, I was getting the hang of it. Fourth shot, naka-tsamba! Fifth shot, I wanted to get it over with. The hardest part was when we shoot using one hand only. Then, they move the target further to 20 meters I can barely see it. Actually, di ko na talaga makita yung target. I forgot my glasses kasi. At nakakangalay. Twenty meters pa lang yon, ha. What about those guys from Top Shot who shoot targets as far as 100 yards? Hands down! 

Anyway, after shooting 20 rounds, we were handed our certificate and we also got to take home our targets. Here's Tapioca showing off his target.

. . . nice groupings, pre!

Our instructor complimented him and said he's a natural. And his response? It's the PC gaming! He was like "See? Playing video games has it use". Okay, fine.

This is definitely one of a kind experience. A hobby that Tapioca would like to pursue. As for me, I am still afraid of guns. At least, I know how to handle them, aim and shoot (the easy part). I just needed more courage to pull the trigger. LOL!

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