Super Bowl Of China

Saturday, November 17, 2012

After our Stronghand experience, Tapioca and I headed to Gateway for a late lunch. The Cubao area is our hang out place because it's close to where we live. Since we are always in Gateway, I seriously think we're running out of new places to try. We've never been to Super Bowl, so naturally Tapioca who loves Chinese food insisted we eat  there. I, on the other hand, was craving for some grape shake and Cibo has the best tasting grape shake, in my opinion. However, Tapioca didn't want to eat there (he despises that place).

. . . super bowl of china

Now you know who won.

Tapioca and the munchies on the house . . . 

As soon as we were seated, the waitstaff handed us the menu and a bowl of crackers to munch on.

. . .  watermelon shake and more crackers

They don't have grape shakes so the  next best thing is the watermelon shake. It was a little sweet but tolerable. Tapioca is on a diet (yes, no joke!) so I let him order the food. My only request - hot soup.

the view . . .

We were given a booth with this view. Araneta Center is all geared up for Christmas. Nicey!

hot tea . . .

Most Chinese places we've been to have house tea already prepared. When we requested for some tea, they gave us a tea pot with tea bag. We were surprised and found it weird.

. . . seafood soup

With only 2 tiny pieces of shrimps and some other unidentified seafood. Bland and boring.

Here is Tapioca's take on dieting:

crispy noodles with assorted seafood . . .

Again, where's the seafood?

 . . . chopsuey

Actually, this is more of sauteed vegetables than chopsuey.

vegetarian spring roll . . .

Tapioca had it at the word "vegetarian". In fairness, this was the saving grace of our lunch.

 . . . Tapioca & Jellybean

Though the food wasn't that good. We wiped them all out in no time.

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