It's Raining In Manila

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I just have to cut my anniversary post to give way to my fave Korean guy. He was here last night for the first time and hopefully not the last because he's going to military service in Korea soon. It might took years again for him to make another tour. My girlfriends and I had a blast and I swear until now I can still feel the rainism fever! It was awesome except for that Korean girl and her Mom who made my back a punching bag and kept on stomping my feet intentionally. My girlfriends told me those annoying mother and child were staring nasty at me all the time. Poor them. I only had my eyes on Rain as I, together with those nice kids in front of me (whom I made friends with during the show) were happily singing, dancing and screaming our hearts out.

Vanj and I have been waiting for this moment since like forever. Thanks to my dear friend Divie for making this dream come true. And it's more amazing because of these fab pictures I took. Just click on the link below to view them. There are still more of them coming once I got a hold of the pictures from the other cameras.

*I was here*

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