Our First Year - 2nd Part

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here goes the continuation of an all-week celebration of our first year together. I just hope we still have the same anticipation for the years to come. It kinda felt like we had never celebrated monthsaries or anniversaries before (that's just me).

The original plan was to have dinner at the same place where it all started. The place where we had dinner for our first date. It wasn't really a romantic date then, just a friendly date (with a little malice on his part which I wasn't aware of until he told me so.) Back then our dinner was boring because of the forgettable food we ordered. If you really think about it, we were in a burger place, the most unromantic place to be in and we never ordered a burger which was the resto's specialty. We were disappointed with our food and therefore vowed never to return.

So much for first impression. Just like our love affair. After the first date, he expressed his love for me. And I was caught off guard. I told him I'm sorry but there won't be a next time as I am not in the look out for a romance specially not with a guy like him. There I was, judging him for what I (and other people) knew about him but never for who he really was. I can be mean if I want to but if you are nice to me I would be more nice to you. Unexpectedly, he became nicer to me which sorta weirded me and my mates out. I still considered giving him the cold shoulder or the infamous let's-just-be-friends thing but the nicer me won over and next thing I knew there was the next date and the follow up date and more dates. Oh boy am I glad I gave Tapioca a second chance? Definitely! And we're so glad we gave this burger place a second chance, too.

. . . 1st stop

People like us with never ending change of plans decided to order just one item from one resto to another and do a restaurant-hopping adventure (if there is such a thing called that). At Stackers we decided to order an appetizer to start our dinner. You may be thinking, burger for appetizer? Oh yes. And its called burger on a salad bowl. A different way of serving a burger . . . on a bowl of fresh greens.

bbq burger bowl . . .

This was a perfect meal on its own. You got all the greens plus meat from the burger which by the way was really awesome. One of the best burgers I had. I am never really a fan of burgers because I hate the aftertaste. You know like when you burp and can still taste the burger? Ewwww. But this one totally won me over. It's juicy and full of smoky flavors. The salad had all these different textures playing in your mouth with the added crunch because of the crispy strips on top. Yummy! And you will not feel guilty even if you down 2 or 3 bowls of this. Also it comes in Asian flavor but we love the bbq most. Since Agave was just right beside Stackers we ordered another appetizer and my now-fave cocktail . . .

. . . frozen strawberry margarita

This baby was kinda expensive. Over 200php but it was serve on a huge margarita glass so it's still worth it! Highly recommended. Just looking at the margarita pic makes me want to go to Agave now and order myself not just a glass but a pitcher. Lol.

half eaten tortilla with salsa . . .

Freshly made tortilla. The salsa was just okay, though.

. . . 2nd stop

Up next, we're gonna conquer two more newly opened restaurants in Eastwood City. Stay tuned.

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