Our First Year - Last Part

Friday, September 17, 2010

The surprises did not end from the restaurant hopping at Eastwood City.

When we went home, there were actually more surprises. Just like this fluffy creature hiding underneath the blanket.

Meet Miss Petunia, my pink overweight rabbit.

'Hello! I am one of Blue Magic's little fairy tale friends. I was created to inspire love and kindness and I promise to share with you lots of warmth and happiness. I am a twinkling dream nurtured to life by pure hearts and gentle fingers. My name is Miss Petunia. Please adopt me. I long for your tender snuggles and warm loving cuddles' - Miss Petunia.

Officially she is now our adapted fluffy rabbit. Little did I know she had a secret within her. Then I found out what it is . . .

. . . and I said yes!

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