Our First Year

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wooohooo. We made it. It's now officially a year and I can't believe nor image how things are getting better and bigger than it seems. Last year, Tapioca and I were just office mates who always if not most of the time disagree about how we should do our job. This guy then who always makes fun of me, the biggest A-hole and jerk turned out to be a real sensitive, loving, caring, thoughtful, who even understands me better than myself is going to be the guy I've been waiting for, the answer to my prayers and.... enough. Too much cheesy-ness, I know. I just can't help it but to show the world, and let the whole blogosphere know how I am deeply, madly and truly in love with this guy (parang kanta lang). Btw, Tapioca said he looked like a retard in the pic. I said I think it was cute.

As early as our official anniversary, Tapioca and I have been celebrating all week long. That's how excited we are for the big day. On the final week of August, Tapioca started the celebration by preparing a special dinner. He just can't wait.

. . . penne pasta in marinara sauce topped with pan fried chicken breast fillet 

He was not happy with the outcome of this dish because he was in hurry. He wasn't able to take off the seeds from the tomatoes as evident on the photo above. But I tell ya it's still as delish as a marinara sauce should be. And that's coming from a white sauce lover that I am. And we paired the pasta dish with this . . .

2007 sauvignon blanc from New Zealand . . . 

We bought the Monkey Bay last Christmas and then we forgot about it. We decided to open the bottle on our anniversary but then again he just can't wait. The thing is the bottle wasn't stored properly so it kinda tasted funny and we did not finish it. Now this bottle will be use for cooking na lang. Sayang eh.

The following week, Tapioca made another fantabulous dish that spells love, love, love . . .

. . . pork chop ala pobre with mash potato

I'm proud to say this but my Tapioca makes the best mash potato I have ever tasted. He knew how much I love (him and) his mash potato. The pork chop was made tender in consideration for my braces. That's why this dish is spelled L-o-v-e.

I think it's not fair if I let him do all the cooking and the surprises. There should be at least some effort coming from me. On the night of our anniv, I was very lazy to cook so ending I bought take outs from Megamall. Talk about effort, this is what you call some effort eh? Tamad lang. And this is what I got him . . .

baked ziti from sbarro, subsandwich from subway and a cheapo mini cake . . .

. . . subway club

  This is quite small compared to the sub sandwich we bought from Almon Marina. Also more expensive. But what Tapioca liked about this sandwich is the wheat bread. He was raving about it.

We have so many plans for the actual day and we can't seem to stick to one plan. Whatever happens it still gonna be a surprise for us. Will post it next time. Me excited. Very Much. Hope you are, too.

Happy Anniversary, baby! ! ! *hugs and kisses*

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