On House Hunting, Bad Joojoo and Teriyaki Boy

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm on a vacation leave. A 4-day vacation but it's not going to be an out of town trip or even an out of the country trip I have been dreaming of. For the next 4 days, we are going to be up to some challenges. Something that we have been planning and waiting for. But before the first day of my vacation ends, here I am typing away on my notebook and that's why this blog is almost (but not quite) up to date. I say I'm almost there. A little more diligence and frequency would make this blog more updated and by that time I'm going to be the happiest person.

Anyway, the most anticipated and top priority on our list was to look for a nice dwelling place. Yes, the house hunting is on. With all these condos left and right of the metropolis Tapioca and I dream of having our very own home sweet home. Due to different work schedules we can't make up time to do this. And I have been reading tips after tips on buying your own place. So many factors and things to consider so little time. We were expecting too much. We though this is just a piece of cake and that the 4 days we allocated was more than enough. Turns out we were sooooooo wrong. First day and we were already stressed out. Tapioca was putting the blame on me. He said I brought all the bad joojoo because I had use the chopsticks the wrong way at Teriyaki Boy. And I was like, "bad joojoo what?" He said it means bad karma or bad luck. Oh well who would have thought there is a wrong way of using a chopsticks. All I know was I'm craving for their Mabo Tofu goodness!

By the way, this post is worth 2 visits at Teriyaki Boy. The first one was in Gateway Mall where I discovered the Mabo Tofu and I can't stop thinking about them. The 2nd visit was at SM North.

. . . use the chopsticks properly or you'll suffer from bad joojoo

sapporo ramen . . .

This was Tapioca's choice. Soup base in miso with chashu slices, corn kernels, sesame moyashi (sprouts), leeks and toasted garlic. He said it was just okay. Take note the soup is served warm.

. . . chuuka ramen

Soup base in shoyu with thinly sliced Japanese roast pork, pechay, gari (pickled ginger), spring onions and cracked pepper. Jellybean's choice. Again the soup was warm. So I asked the server to return the bowl of ramen back to the kitchen and heat up my soup to a scalding hotness. It was serve back to me still not hot enough to my liking. Sigh.

And here's my mabo tofu served in a pretty cast iron cauldron with wooden cover. Perfect to keep the soup warm. How I wish they served the ramen in these cauldrons too.

mabo tofu . . .

Diced silken tofu, cooked in spicy broth with ground pork and leeks. The tofu was so good it has a clean taste and it melts in your mouth. And the heat level was just right. I'm not really fan of spicy food but with this dish, the flavors blended so well. And if the hotness gets too intense I'll just eat spoonful after spoonful of rice. Yum!

. . . sukiyaki beef teppanyaki

Stir-fried beef bacon slices with onions and teppanyaki sauce. Nobody can go wrong with this dish. Another yummy pick.

tempura tuna sashimi tartare . . .

Tuna sashimi in a spicy mix of tempura flakes and Japanese mayo. Tapioca was raving about this. He said it was very refreshing. A different way of serving sashimi. He said the combination of textures and flavors were amazing.

. . . teriyaki boy fish n' chips

Battered and deep-fried creme dori served with special wanton crisps and tartare sauce on the side. This was the most boring dish on our table.

gyoza . . .

Steamed pork dumplings and then seared until crisp. This was good but not as good as Shinjuku's version.

Noticed there was something missing in this post? Again no dessert cos we ordered a lot. After meal we headed straight to the mall to look for prospect properties but everything turned out not so well because of the bad joojoo. I felt so sad and tired I put all my remaining energy and frustrations in blogging. But tomorrow is another day and I'm praying for my good joojoo's return.

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