Our First Year - 3rd Part

Friday, September 17, 2010

The restaurant hopping continues and for the third stop, it's ramen baby at Ramen Bar.

. . . 3rd stop

The menu consists of all things ramen and a little bit of non-ramen items.

Whenever we dine at Japanese, Chinese or Korean restos we always, always ask for the house tea.

And Ramen Bar's house tea comes in these really cute cup. It tasted burnt though but hey it's free and you can ask for refill anytime. Up next is our ramen. We just ordered one bowl to share cos we were still planning to dine somewhere else and we thought it comes in a huge bowl as it says on the menu but we're wrong.

R.B.S. #1 . . .

Ramen Bar Special. When it was serve, we were very disappointed. The bowl wasn't that huge. We're hoping at least they fill up the bowl to the brim. The soup wasn't hot and it tasted weird. I hate it.

We knew they just opened and in a dry run but the service that night was terrible. It was a few minutes before closing time when we entered the place. A few diners already done with their meal. We got a seat and ordered a bowl of ramen to share. Then the wait staff kept serving us food we didn't order. And that happened like 3 times. A few people to serve food with and they can't remember which customer ordered the right food. But the worst of them all happened to the couple right next to our table. They were served a glass of house tea with a lipstick mark on it. When the lady pointed this, turned out it wasn't for her pala. It was for another customer at the back who requested for a refill. Hay!!!! So much for all the boo boos!

We love ramen and we love the fact that a new ramen place is just a few meters away and we don't have to drag our feet all the way to Makati for a ramen fix. But it's gonna need sometime before we will be back here for a second chance.

Fourth and final stop, our hearts skip a beat. This is what greeted us at Johnny Rockets . . .

a juke box and all you can eat FRIES!!!

Now, lookey lookey here . . .

A9 - Happy Together by Turtles, puuurfeeecttt!!!

And as if I was not content by that, I went to the actual juke box and spent all my one-peso coins to play more of the oldies but goodies songs.

And this is what we ordered . . .

Chili Size

Open-faced burger with all-meat chili topped with grated cheddar and chopped onions. A messy burger to eat. We shared this too but I think he had more than what I ate. Tapioca loves anything with chili.

. . . Root beer float for Tapioca

They serve the root beer and the ice scream on separate glasses which was cool. Remember how root beer overflows when you put ice scream on it? On this manner you really get a full glass of root beer and control how much root beer you can put on the other glass to prevent from spilling. Me likey.

Mocha Milkshake for Jellybean

This was quite an expensive milkshake and it also comes in two glasses. For a milkshake lover serving size would be satisfying but if you don't like diabetes milkshake this can be shared by two person. So I guess that made up for the price. Anyway, it was too sweet like it was all ice scream and no milk at all. I like the glass though and was hoping to buy one for use at home.

Not to forget, the fries. One of the best french fries in town. Served unlimited with smiley ketchup on the side. This also put a smile on our faces.

Jayvee and Hephaestion dropped by Johnny Rockets to celebrate with us. By this time we were all full. Our sweetness is too much already. There's no room for dessert anymore. Hihihi!

no more room for dessert

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