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Monday, December 12, 2011

It's the time of the year again to be merry and joyous. The holiday festivities and pig out sesh just started for us here at Core One Biwon Korean Resto. This is the same Korean resto my friends and I loved so much. It's been 3 years since the last time I dined here.

Korean Nationals flocked this resto and that's always a good sign. If you've been watching Korean telenovelas you will notice that there's always a scene where the characters are seen eating with the use of flat stainless steel chopsticks. Here at Core Biwon we got the opportunity to try out these chopsticks. And man ang hirap! Whenever I try to pick up the food it just slides out. Ang dulas. Still you shouldn't miss this experience. Anyway, may spoon and fork naman if in case di na carry ng powers mo magchopsticks :-P

. . . the banchan

What I like most from any Korean restaurants I've tried are the free banchan or side dishes. At Biwon, they serve the most numbers of banchan. I think more than 10 different kinds. However, on this visit, I was surprise to see only 6 banchan served on our table. And my fave like the egg rolls, spicy dilis and baby potatoes were missing. I asked our server why we only have 6 side dishes. He said their side dishes changes everyday. And I was like, "okay, bat anim lang?". And ayun dedma na lang si kuya. But thinking about it, six is still a lot, right?

Another thing you shouldn't miss . . .

the soju . . .

Moving on to the main dish we had . . .

. . . samgyeopsal

with some lettuce . . .

We also had a huge hot pot of everything seafood . . .

spicy yet flavorful and piping hot. yummy!

. . . just for the 3 of us!

Now, Tapioca wasn't satisfied at all with our food so he ordered some more.

. . . bibimbap and a bowl of rice on the side

This was probably the biggest bibimbap bowl I have ever seen. Nakaseparate pa yung rice jan ha. Anyway, Tapioca said it was just okay. How he wish there was more meat.

We couldn't help but notice how Korean people eat so fast. I think several groups came after us and left before we even finished our food. Grabe eat and run ang dating. And I was like do they even enjoy their meal? Well, I guess they do. Imagine kahit nasa ibang bansa na sila they still eat the same food.

Overall, the place still remains the same. Like the interiors and the menu. But there were also noticeable changes which na miss ko ng bongga. Like the overflowing banchan na sa sobrang dami yun na lang nakakapuno sa table and also the free pineapple dessert. They don't offer any desserts at this place but if you ask for sweet endings they will be happy to serve you fresh pineapples and it's unlimited. Duh, jellybean! As if you eat fresh pineapple eh di naman. LOL. Wala lang, namiss ko lang talaga. The experience was never the same as before but still we had a good time. Party rock!

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