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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet my blogging apparatus. A good old Acer notebook, my comrade. We have been together for almost two years. Some people name their gadgets, I don't.

Here's the Acer notebook on a CD-R King foldable table/cooling pad. And yes I blog on bed and it's the best! Relaxing and very comfy.

This was a hand me down from Tapioca's mom. I never own a notebook ever so I was thrilled and excited. I loved it to pieces. And because it's portable, I was able to blog wherever and whenever I want. It's an old notebook so it's quite heavy. Whenever I tote it around with me it's like I'm carrying an entire desktop computer on my shoulders (portable and heavy, contradicting words aren't they?). Parang mas mabigat pa cya sakin.

Buti naman I survive but the poor thing didn't. Overtime it became sluggish. Worse, the hard drive was attack by the nasty ants from our previous house (we used to live in an old house pestered by ants). Tapioca was able to recover most of the files but the notebook's performance was never the same as before. Tapioca suggested to buy new parts but I refused. I would rather put the money on a new netbook. So I made tiyaga with the existing condition of the Acer notebook while trying so hard to find the designer netbook.

Alas, the Acer notebook finally gave up on me. It won't respond, boots up for 20 minutes and takes hours just to open up a single application. It caused me so much headaches, troubles, and constant fights with Tapioca. My tantrums would doubled, worse tripled especially if I'm PMS-ing. Para akong tino-torture. I almost gone mad and thought of smashing the poor poor thing. Until Tapioca could not take my tantrums anymore. He said I should give up na on the Karim Rashid netbook and move on with another computer. And I was like ok, fine. I want this!

. . . Sony Vaio C Series with crocodile skin

Haha, that's the spoiled brat in me talking. But of course that's not gonna happen. A big fat NO. Siya nga di pa nakakabili ng dream PC nya and here I am demanding for a Vaio. Anak ng tipaklong.

Asus EeePc Seashell by Karim Rashid

Remember the hot pink Asus netbook by Karim Rashid (see it here)? I was so smitten by the fabulous design and the hot rockin' color. I've search high and low and even contacted Asus directly but nadah. Well I guess we aren't meant to be together (magdrama daw beh?). It's time to move on. And cyempre pa time to shop around for my next new blogging buddy!

Tapioca and I went to SM Cybermall and spotted these cute little netbooks.

The Acer Aspire Happy 2

Since my old Acer notebook served me (and Tapioca's mom) so well, I can now put a trust on the brand. I especially like the one in strawberry yogurt. Happy na yummy pa ng color. Me likey! And for such a small computer the specs are excellent. Tapioca was able to convince me to get this netbook.

Now I have a workmate who's also looking for the same netbook. We were able to compare prices and found out that it was much cheaper to buy these netbooks at Gilmore. It's the place to be where you can get great deals on computer stuffs. So I suggested that we go there together to get a better deal.

On the day of our netbook shopping, we were informed that the Happy 2 series has been phased out/out of stock because a newer model came out. This newer model turned out to be way out of our budget and they don't come in pink. Sadness. Another dream computer went out the window. Whatever happen to my lucky charm? Please come back. Come baaaackkkk!!!!!

I was getting upset na and my tantrums, I feel them coming. I told Tapioca we should go somewhere else and try to look for the Happy 2. Tapioca insisted that we stay since we're already at the place to be, why not look around? I have no choice. My mind was not working anymore due to lack of sleep and the stress of going through all the stores in Gilmore. At this point also I didn't care what brand I was going to get as long as it's pink and it's a netbook and it's within budget. Period.

After 5 hours of looking around, we finally settled for this . . .

MSI U135DX in pink

This netbook was cheaper than the Acer Happy 2. Since we bought two of these, the store gave us a discount (yay!) plus a free Cherry Mobile cellphone (yay again!) which will go to my Nanay as a Christmas present. It was a stressful shopping but we ended up happy and satisfied with our purchase. I will write more about this netbook on another post.

Presenting our twin netbooks. Pardon the haggardo versoza look. More than twenty four hours na kaming walang tulog when that picture was taken. Hehehe!

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Glenn Encinares  – (January 11, 2012 at 12:51 AM)  

wow congratulation may new netbook ka na :) I like the pink laptop na may crocodile skin :)

Jelly Bean  – (January 11, 2012 at 6:16 PM)  

hahaha. i like it also but too pricey!

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