Urameshi-ya at Little Tokyo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Second leg of the pre-Christmas rocking parties. This time we're going Japanese. In a tiny corner of the streets of Makati lie upon our fave Jap resto in the city. Been here once, twice (I still haven't blog about that, so sorry) and now, third time and I'm sure this won't be the last. We brought with us friends from work who adores anything Japanese.

Little Tokyo is a small community with several restaurants specializing in different Japanese dishes. We settled at Urumeshi-ya. Their specialty? Yakiniku! We were able to get a reservation to dine inside where we were given seats with lower tables and you get to dine just like the Japanese people do. It felt like we got transported in another country sans the visa and airline tickets.

. . . saké on a wooden bucket and tall glasses of beer

We started off with some drinks. The saké (also known as nihonshu) and beer. We got free beer stubs from the last time we went here. For every 500 pesos spent you got 1 free beer. The last time we went here we spent more than 4 grand so that's about 8 beer stubs.

Tall shot glass for the big guys and the short one for the little girls.

tofu salad and gyoza . .

For appetizer, we had my ever favorite tofu salad and gyoza. Maricris was raving on the salad. She said she never eat tofu until she tried the tofu salad. A must try.

And here's Christian showing us the proper way of serving saké (or should I say the geisha way hehehehe whatevs!!!).

. . . takoyaki from Hana

The most authentic takoyaki you can get here in Manila. Love the brown sauce. It gives the takoyaki a wonderful flavor. Also those fish flakes on top were awesome. It moves like the takoyaki balls were alive! Seriously. I don't have a video but I think you can check it out on Youtube :-)

And here's for the main event . . .

the wagyu set meal, slices after slices of melt in your mouth goodness . . .

Time to grill those meat. Tapioca loves this grill. How he wish we have one at home.

happy faces = satisfaction

As if we haven't had enough of Jap food, we ordered some more.

. . . shrimp and vegetable tempura from Kagura

This was okay. We like the tempura more from the other resto whose specialities are sushi and sashimi. Too bad I forgot their name.

okonomiyaki also from Kagura . . .

The good thing about Little Tokyo is you can cross order from other restos and serve it at the restaurant you're dining. These okonomiyaki came from the next door place called Kagura. These are also called Japanese pancake or Japanese pizza. We've ordered two different kinds. The okonomiyaki with everything on it and the other one, I forgot (keep on forgetting a lot of stuff tsk, tsk). It was quite filling. At this point, parang susuko na tiyan ko sa kabusugan hehe.

. . . ramen from Urameshi-ya

This was shared by Din and Anjil. We were all full to the brim but the two guys just had the need to try the ramen. They're actually comparing this ramen from the Ramen Bar in Eastwood. Oh well, I couldn't make any comments as I wasn't able to give it a try. We had try Ramen Bar before when they were still on soft opening (see it here) and we never returned. Not sure what their ramen taste like now.

At kahit busog na, there will always a room for dessert.

green tea ice shaving with red beans from Hana . . .

This had a refreshing and clean taste. A perfect palate cleanser na rin. Kung di lang nangingilo ngipin ko, I could have down two servings. That's how yummy it was. Now everyone's happy and satisfied. It's time for the picture-picture moments.

. . . din and rhea

. . . iris and christian

. . . the cruz' family - anjil,maricris and baby reily

and yours truly . . . jellybean and tapioca

. . . the boyz

the gurlz . . .

. . . iris and moi

. . . and my pictorial sesh

Just look at our beaming faces. They finally understood now how Tapioca and I feel about Little Tokyo. From the ambiance to the food and the overall experience, we're so we glad they enjoyed everything. We burned some serious cash but it was all worth it. Once again we got more beer stubs from the last time. And I mean a lot!

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