How We Celebrated Christmas This Year

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Christmas in our new place and we had the most modest celebration ever. After all the partying, this time we celebrated it peacefully. Just the two of us. Away from relatives, from loud parties and sumptuous Noche Buena. No Christmas lights and decors. Not even Christmas songs. Doesn't sound like Christmas at all, hmm?. Well, the neighbor's radio was blaring with Christmas carols. At least there's something to remind me that it's Christmas.

I was looking forward to this Christmas. I planned to put up Christmas lights and decors but Tapioca wasn't so enthusiastic about the idea. Oh well, that's Tapioca, the Grinch! All ideas went out to the window. But next year, I will certainly make bawi and make sure that our house will be all dress up for Christmas. As early as January I will start shopping around for a nice little Christmas tree. Tamang tama that's also the same time when Christmas decors will all go on sale. Yay for me!

Christmas is not the right time of the year for the Grinch. Yeah, we party hard and I mean HARD. Two consecutive nights , two consecutive weekends, the Grinch couldn't handle all that. So our ending? Christmas at the hospital. And wait til you hear the best part. The doctor recommended a soft diet for him. That means he can't eat meat, dairy, oily or fatty or anything salty, sour and spicy food. Basically that's about 90% of what he eats. And here I am making inggit with . . .

. . . ice cream from mrs. fields!!!

pistachio ice cream topped with the famous mrs. fields choco chip cookie . . .

Ewan ko ba but he insisted to buy me ice cream. And who will say no to Mrs. Fields? I swear I can hear the ice cream screams "Torture! Torture! Torture!" to Tapioca. Kebs ko, but I'm enjoying the ice cream. Hahaha!!!! I'm so mean! *guilty lang*

Tapioca had the weirdest and strangest sickness ever. Every time we go to the hospital, doctors couldn't seem to find out what's his illness. Therefore we spent almost half a day in the hospital going thru several tests.

. . . is it a boy or a girl?

nah, it's just jebs *ewww* . . .

Of course he's not pregnant (and will never be even for a hundred years!).

We though it's going to be just the two of us on Christmas. And then we got a surprise guest. A furry little friend came to visit us. She looked so thin and hungry. Too bad we didn't have anything to feed her except for the Christmas porridge (yan ang handa namin). After eating the kitten went back to the street. The following day she came back. This time Tapioca decided to keep her. It was his decision alone. I was surprise because he never like cats. As far as I know he's more of a dog person and he's allergic to cats. Turns out he wasn't pala. Meet the newest member of our household. Our new baby errr pet.

We met her on Christmas which fell on a Sunday therefore we named her Sunday. She was so dirty and she likes going to bed with us so we gave her a bath. Thank goodness she didn't scratch or bite us but we can tell she was traumatized by the experienced. After that she wouldn't even go near us. So ayun we made lambing to her and since she's clean na we let her stay on the bed.

Tapioca loves to take her photos. Let me show you one of his shots that I really like.

. . . you spoiled little kitten you!

Taray ng baby namin noh? By the way, that's her favorite spot on the bed. Kelangan naka-lean din cya sa pillow namin.

So there you go folks. Our out of the norm Christmas for 2011.

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