Kor One and Kor Delta Hydration Vessels

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's finally here. Thank God.

Sunshine orange for Tapioca and orchid pink for Jellybean

Aren't they pretty? These vessels are really gorgeous not just in pictures but also in real life. Compared to regular water bottles they're on the heavy side because of the materials used. It gets heavier when full with water. That was Ivy's complaint but me, I didn't mind. The look, the feel and the experience drinking from the vessel was great. I so lurved it. We use them at the office and they're eye-catchers. Someone even said "Ang ganda naman nyan parang aquarium. Pwedeng lagyan ng mga isda" Hahaha.

On a busy day, I tend to forget to drink enough water. But with just one look at my vessel and I feel the need to hydrate again. It was like begging me to drink more water. Surely it served it's purpose.

Time to say bye bye to disposable plastic bottles. Hello hydration vessel!

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