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Monday, July 5, 2010

As much as I would love to go on a food trip, having braces can be very difficult, irritating and painful especially when it’s newly adjusted. At times like these the only thing I have in mind is congee (or lugaw). Nothing else can whet my appetite with the exception of cakes and ice cream of course.

Then, there was Tapioca wanting me to try this Chinese restaurant in Ali Mall. With my condition on his mind, he made sure they serve good congee. It made me think. When did a congee ever tasted good, I mean they all tasted bland, right? Anyway, I still found myself heading to Hap Chan for a late dinner.

When I got to Hap Chan the guard won’t let me in because according to him they’re already close. I called Tapioca on his cell phone and finally they let me in. Tapioca already ordered our food, the last order for the night.

. . . congee

I had this one and as I said before they all bland no matter what.

yang chow fried rice . . .

Just okay I think. Tapioca finished 2 orders of this (hehehe). He just loves anything fried rice.

. . . lemon chicken

He was raving about this. Too bad I’m having difficulty chewing so Tapioca had this all by himself.

mapu tofu . . .

Now this one here is the winner. It’s robust with flavors unknown to my palate. It’s spicy but just enough. Tapioca said he can taste a hint of liquor on this dish. Prolly that’s why it was so delish. My braces were just newly adjusted but I can’t help taking pieces of the tofu leaving the meat parts to Tapioca.

After dinner, we went to 711 and bought a pint of ice cream for dessert then we headed home to play some guitar hero and rock the night away.

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