Tonight's dinner...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tapioca fried this fish and it was cook medium. I would prefer it to be crispy and fried through and through. But he wants it this way. Since he fried the fish we will have his way.

Salted eggs the way Jellybean likes it . . .

I like my salted eggs mashed with lots of finely chopped riped tomatoes. This way the saltiness of the egg is balanced with the acidity of the tomatoes. He did not like it so he made his own.

Salted eggs the way Tapioca likes it . . .

Salted eggs with tomatoes, onions and soy sauce? I told him the egg is already salty, why add soy sauce? Well, he likes it that way period.

Despite our differences we had a wonderful dinner while watching episodes of Big Bang Theory. Both of us happy with our own versions of salted eggs.

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