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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I discovered Tsoko Nut when I still used to do my shoppings in SM Makati. I love how they make the place so homey and comfy, offering really good Filipino dishes at a very reasonable price. I got hook in their watermelon shake and ever since I can remember I always order watermelon shake if it’s being offered by other restaurants. Tsoko Nut now branched out at Eastwood City and tonight we are going to have dinner here.

. . . watermelon shake

This place started my addiction with watermelon shake. But the shake they served me was too sweet and too obvious on the picture . . . watermelon seeds that were blended all together with my drink. I can stand the sweetness but the seeds, urgh! It tasted bitter and it might get stuck in my braces. :-(

spaghetti with meat sauce . . .

Tapioca ordered this one. He said it was okay and he was not happy with the serving size. To him it’s too small.

Spaghetti aligue – (sorry, no pic. I must have erased it somehow. Next time I go back to Tsoko Nut I will take another pic) I loveeeeee it. I swear I can eat this everyday if only its not too unhealthy. Saltiness is just right and its not malansa because of the calamansi. Serving size was okay for me. I was able to finish the entire thing and didn’t get bitin.

chicken sandwich . . .

Again Tapioca was not happy because it’s small. Hay!

. . . suman sa manga

We had this for dessert. It was overloaded with flavors. The saltiness of the suman blended well with generous bittersweet chocolate and mango. Yum yum! Tapioca doesn’t eat mango so I had all the mango slices by myself hahaha.

So I had a wonderful time with great food from Tsoko Nut but my man was not satisfied with the small servings. Oh well he’s a big guy and he sure eats a lot. I think the prices compensates for the serving size. As I said, for me the serving size was okay because I don’t eat that much (?). I kinda wish every restaurant’s serving sizes would be like of Tsoko Nut so we can avoid leftovers. Oops, bite my tongue. If they all try to do that I mean a lot of people will become unhappy including Tapioca.

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